Published: Tue, February 11, 2020
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THIS WEEK: The attempts to tamper with the Iowa Caucus

THIS WEEK: The attempts to tamper with the Iowa Caucus

Gabbard, who is running for the Democratic Party's presidential nomination, said Perez has had a "failure of leadership". And, you know, communities - whether they're my size or rural communities, or even neighborhoods in our biggest cities that feel completely left behind - are frustrated with being made into a punch line by Washington politicians, ' he said.

Right now, Democrats face a single nagging question: which candidate is most likely to beat Donald Trump?

But Paul Burkett, 54, a lawyer from Bow, said he's done with being a "tactical voter" and instead was backing Klobuchar simply because she would be the best president.

One of those, requested by Bernie Sanders' campaign, is at a precinct where someone had already alerted Drahozal to a math error in the allocation of county delegates. Former Vice President Joe Biden lost support from the first alignment to the second.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren, who represents neighboring MA in the Senate, also needs a strong finish in New Hampshire to prove her campaign viability in the primary.

"With a president this divisive, we can not risk dividing Americans further, saying you must either be for a revolution or you must be for the 'status quo.' Let's make room for everybody in this movement", Buttigieg told thousands of attendees in a university arena, some of whom replied with jeers. On Saturday morning, the campaign posted an online video attacking Buttigieg that was one of the harshest intraparty broadsides of the Democratic primary.

Attention has been thrust onto Buttigieg after the former no-name candidate rose to prominence in the primary race and won the Iowa caucuses with 26.2 per cent. "Now, I like Pete, he's a smart guy, he's a nice guy".

Microsoft Surface Duo spotted publicly; could launch sooner than expected
And after introducing the Surface Duo last October 2nd, Microsoft conceded that Android is the best mobile operating system. One more detail that the video seems to confirm is that the Surface Duo won't feature a traditional rear-facing camera.

"We have what it takes to go to Nevada and beyond, but to do that, I'm gonna need you", Klobuchar told supporters in Manchester. To help make his point, Buttigieg cited how much money President Trump's re-election campaign has raised.

"If you're serious about political change in America, change is not going to be coming from somebody who gets a lot of money from the CEOs of the pharmaceutical industry", Sanders said.

"Bernie has labelled himself, not me, a democratic socialist".

"I definitely think there was some infiltration of people who were trying to corrupt the system", said Gayman.

Buttigieg's strong showing in Iowa has led many to label him as the next Obama.

"The coalition of billionaires is not exactly what's going to carry us over the top", Warren said.

Warren, a MA senator, was asked about saying previously that she is "a capitalist to my bones". "We've built a campaign to go the distance".

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