Published: Thu, February 06, 2020
Markets | By Otis Pena

Ryanair wants to order the 737 Max 10

Ryanair wants to order the 737 Max 10

Ryanair Holdings plc (LON:RYA) says the grounding of the Boeing MAX aircraft has pushed its 200mln annual passenger target back by up to two years.

The budget airline, which is based in Ireland and carries more passengers than any other airline in Europe, intends to extend its target of flying 200 million people per year for a year or two. The airline now has 135 firm orders for the Boeing 737 MAX 200, of which it has so far received zero. According to Reuters, Ryanair's CEO Michael O'Leary said: "We are already in discussions with Boeing".

He went on to add: "To be fair to them [Boeing] I don't think the new management team is in a position to be able to talk to us about a new order".

It will take a maximum of eight planes per month, or around 50 deliveries per year, O'Leary said.

After 9/11, Ryanair responded not only by placing an order just a few months later for cut-price aircraft from Boeing, but also by launching a massive seat sale.

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"What is likely is they will push out that delivery profile with Boeing by at least 12 months", O'Leary said in a pre-recorded video presentation in which he was asked about the impact of Boeing's decision to temporarily halt the production of the MAX.

IT'S a question that's been asked for the guts of a year: will flyers be willing to board a Max aircraft given the two fatal crashes involving the Boeing jet and the litany of issues that have arisen in the meantime?

Ryanair said it is not expected to receive the delivery of the jets until September or October, after the busy summer travel period.

It said the late delivery of the "game changer" planes, which carry more passengers and burn less fuel, will transform the business over the next decade, but that, "due to these delivery delays, we won't see any of these cost savings until late in the 2021 financial year".

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