Published: Mon, February 03, 2020
Global News | By Blake Casey

Today is 02/02/2020, the first palindrome day in over 900 years

Today is 02/02/2020, the first palindrome day in over 900 years

Perhaps it is the whiff of cosmic clout.

Along with being Groundhog Day and Super Bowl Sunday, today is special for another reason: The date is an extra rare, eight-digit palindrome. And 02/02/2020 is considered a "universal palindrome" because it reads the same whether written as "Month/Day/Year" as the United States does, or "Day/Month/Year" as many other countries do.

It has the distinction reading the same backward and forward in multiple date formats.

The math department at the Solihull School in England pointed out in a tweet early Sunday that the date also reads the same in all date formats: US, UK and the International Organization for Standardization, or ISO, which places the year before the month and date.

Inan has been "collecting" palindromes which he has chronicled on his website. Tracing back and looking ahead over centuries, he mines palindromes like gems and says the last time we had an eight-digit palindrome date was 908 years ago on 11-11-1111.

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For most people, a global palindrome happens only once in the their lifetime. For starters, it's an eight-digit palindrome.

After that, it will be 908-year wait until the next one on 03-03-3030.

Meanwhile, many social media users have been pointing out that this palindrome day coincides with another major event in the North American calendar. Couples in large numbers expressed interest to get their marriage registered on this date.

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