Published: Sun, January 26, 2020
Life&Culture | By Sue Mclaughlin

BTS: Why won't the Grammys give them a solo performance?

BTS: Why won't the Grammys give them a solo performance?

ARMY were ecstatic when they heard the news, since the boys have said before that they would love to perform at the awards show. However, it is not the performance anyone was expecting.

BTS had the dream of being able to perform in a ceremony like the Grammy; However, ARMY believes that his illusions can not be fulfilled to the letter, they even believe that RM divided his lines so that his teammates took the stage with him, because " Old Town Road" is just a remix.

Thomas Wesley or higher generally known as Diplo, posted a message on his Twitter account that left ARMY with a very good style in his mouth. While their performance will be taking place on January 26, this is going to be the second time BTS would be attending the Grammys. A Grammys 2020 rehearsals photo featuring BTS is out and sees the members working hard.

The answer is simple; despite these phenomenal achievements, BTS are still treated as a commodity and used for clout in the West.

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The Grammys already shocked fans and music journalists alike by snubbing them of a nomination for this years ceremony, especially after they outsold the majority of nominees. It resulted in viewers waiting for their performance for nearly the entire show. Is it the long running issue of xenophobia in the music industry?

The "Old Town Road All-Stars" is one of the two individual sections set up at this year's awards ceremony, according to the National Record Arts Academy, which organizes the Grammy.

Whatever it is, we can all agree that BTS deserve better.

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