Published: Thu, January 23, 2020
Sci-tech | By Patricia Wade

SpaceX Successfully Tests New Escape System In Case Of An Emergency

SpaceX Successfully Tests New Escape System In Case Of An Emergency

SpaceX had expected the Falcon 9 to break up and trigger a fireball of some sort.

Archived photo of SpaceX's Starlink satellites before launch. As per the plans, the Crew Dragon capsule was launched over a Falcon 9 rocket, while the journey was triggered from NASA's Kennedy Space Center.

Before the test, SpaceX astronauts Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley performed a full dress rehearsal.

However, before that takes place, SpaceX has to demonstrate that its crew Dragon pod has what it takes to keep the space explorers in the safest mode during that flight. SpaceX deliberately destroyed one of its used Falcon 9 rockets, so it desires to be clear it would possibly maybe safeguard this one.

"We are going into a new era", says Christie Cox, utilization and commercial use manager for the International Space Station Division at NASA headquarters.

SpaceX is postponing a launch of another batch of its internet satellites that was set for Tuesday afternoon, due to "extreme weather" in the rocket's recovery zone in the Atlantic Ocean, the company said.

With Sunday's successful test, Musk, the CEO of SpaceX, said it is now "probable" that the first mission with astronauts on board could happen as early as the second quarter of 2020.

SpaceX is not alone in working with NASA to build crew capsules. However, since the space shuttle program ended in 2011, the only route to space has been to purchase a ticket aboard Russian spacecraft.

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What about me? Can I go to space, too?

Last month, only two of the three Starliner parachutes were deployed during the launch interrupt test.

However, according to documents filed by the company a year ago, it was revealed that the company is now planning to launch an additional 30,000 satellites for the project, bringing the total to 42,000.

NASA awarded $4.2 billion to Boeing and $2.5 billion to SpaceX in 2014 to develop separate capsule systems capable of ferrying astronauts to the space station from USA soil for the first time since NASA's space shuttle program ended in 2011.

The test came on an overcast Sunday in Florida that threatened to cancel the already once-delayed launch test entirely.

But the timing of these tests is critical for NASA.

Musk noted that the SpaceX in-flight interruption system should be softer for the crew, and it should work from the launch pad to orbit.

"I'm super fired up". The company said it now planned to launch 60 Starlink satellites into space with the rocket.

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