Published: Thu, January 23, 2020
Electronics | By Kelly Massey

Leak shows the PS5 controller will be backwards compatible with the PS4

Leak shows the PS5 controller will be backwards compatible with the PS4

One of them is Sony who has previously revealed that its PlayStation 5 will be made available towards the year-end shopping season of 2020. These are exciting times indeed, as a new generation of consoles is approaching which will hopefully be followed by a tide of new and exciting video games as well. Well, Sony can allow you to do that with the PS5 controller, according to a new patent.

Regardless of whether you find it absurdly early to place a pre-order for the console or just a classic case of early marketing move, there is one thing for sure: PlayStation 5 is coming and the hype train has just begun. We'll soon learn everything about the PS5 next month on February 5 if the leaks are to be correct.

In terms of internals, the leak also states that the system could have 10 teraflops of GPU power, while the Xbox Series X is getting around 4. That's not great news for Sony fans, but the price point will be a mark in their favour.

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As part of an investor report, VR Education stated the following: "2020 will see Sony release the PS5 and a new version of the PSVR headset, which will further expand the high-end VR user base". In other words, there's more to the PlayStation 5 than what fans all over the world know about it. The PlayStation exclusive racing game Gran Turismo will be back with Gran Turismo 7, while Demon Souls Remastered will also feature. The baseball title is unlikely to be out immediately on launch though, as The Show 20 is due to hit the shelves in March. While this detail was leaked on 4chan last week, Sony's European PS Twitter account sort of confirmed part of the leak through their new motto.

So rejoice PlayStation fans. We already know that the PS5 will be backward compatible with all PS4 games.

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