Published: Wed, January 22, 2020
Global News | By Blake Casey

Trump to place travel restrictions on Nigeria, six others

Trump to place travel restrictions on Nigeria, six others

Some of the countries could have restrictions placed on certain visa types, including business or visitor vias.

Trump signed the executive order instituting a travel ban on several Muslim-majority countries shortly after assuming office in January 2017. Several of them, however, have had relatively higher rates of their citizens overstaying visas in the United States, according to DHS data.

The Trump administration is planning to add seven countries to its travel ban list that restricts the flow of immigrants and visitors into the United States, the Wall Street Journal has reported.

Some countries will face bans only on some visa categories, the Wall Street Journal reports.

Nigeria could be on the list because it has a high rate of persons overstaying their visas.

President Donald Trump has called for an end to that program, saying it lets undesirable people into the U.S.

The US has spent the last decade trying to improve ties with the Myanmar, which has embraced partial civilian rule after years of living under a military dictatorship.

China reports 17 new coronavirus pneumonia cases
There is no specific treatment for the new virus, but antivirals are being considered. The US and most Asian countries have stepped up screenings of travellers from Wuhan.

It was gathered the expanded travel restrictions would be rolled out next week, as Washington officials, in justifying the new policy, said it was necessary to prevent potential acts of terrorism, as countries on the list don't adequately vet their travellers to the US.

According to data released by the department of homeland security, 24% of Eritreans, 15% of Nigerians and 12% of people from Sudan overstayed their visas in 2018.

Former chief legal adviser to the State Department, Jeffrey Gorsky, was reported to have said: "Very few people who gave birth in the USA got a visa for that objective".

The supreme court upheld the travel ban in 2017 after two appeal courts had initially blocked the move.

The second was issued in March 2017 and a third in September 2017.

Currently, entry into the USA is restricted to some citizens of Iran, Libya, Somalia, Syria and Yemen - all of which are majority Muslim - but also North Korea and Venezuela, which are not.

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