Published: Tue, January 21, 2020
Global News | By Blake Casey

Iran MP offers three million dollar bounty to 'whoever kills Trump'

Iran MP offers three million dollar bounty to 'whoever kills Trump'

Trump then described being surrounded by military officials as he watched the events leading up to the strike unfold via a remote video feed from "cameras that are miles in the sky".

He told fellow MPs: "On behalf of the people of Kerman province, we will pay a $3million reward in cash to whoever kills Trump".

Soleimani was commander of the Quds Force, the foreign arm of Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), until the USA killed him in a drone strike on January 3, sparking a sharp escalation in the growing tensions between Tehran and Washington.

It's been 17 days since Donald Trump authorized an airstrike in Iraq that killed Iranian Gen. Qassem Soleimani, which was launched in order to prevent an imminent attack.

U.S. disarmament ambassador Robert Wood rebuked Hamzeh's suggestion to place a bounty on Trump.

"It's just ridiculous but it gives you a sense of the terrorist underpinnings of that regime and that regime needs to change its behavior", Robert Wood, U.S. disarmament ambassador, told reporters in Geneva.

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Earlier in January, a video circulated on social media during Soleimani's funeral, in which an unnamed eulogist reportedly proposed to put an $80 million bounty on Trump's head.

Addressing lawmakers today, Hamzeh declared that the late Soleimani would be more risky to United States in death than he was in life because Iranians are determined to avenge his death.

The Trump administration has been heavily criticized by lawmakers from both parties for failing to provide evidence that Soleimani had to be killed because he was planning an attack that presented an imminent threat to American lives.

However, Mr Trump did not repeat that General Soleimani was an imminent threat, but said General Soleimani was "saying bad things about our country" before the strike, which led to his decision to authorise his killing. Iranian-backed militias in Iraq have hit bases containing US personnel with rockets a number of times in recent months.

Hamzeh also called on parliament to produce long-range nuclear weapons to deter the US from future attacks.

Washington and and its Western allies have long accused Iran of seeking nuclear weapons but Tehran insists it has never tried to develop nuclear arms and never will, claiming its nuclear work is for research and energy production.

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