Published: Tue, January 21, 2020
Health Care | By Cedric Leonard

Cervical cancer 'could be eliminated' thanks to vaccine and better screening

But this has now being switched around, with cells first tested for HPV infection, and only those that have the virus examined for abnormal cells.

A new screening test, rolled out as part of the NHS Long Term Plan, will provide a more sensitive test, looking for traces of high-risk Human Papillomavirus (HPV) which is the cause for almost all cases of cervical cancer.

The medical practitioner said four women die as a result of cervical cancer daily and 1,500 annually.

Only cervical samples showing possible cell changes used to be tested for HPV. This means any sign of infection can be spotted and treated at an earlier stage before it develops into cancer.

Research shows it picks up far more cases of pre-cancerous lesions and could prevent a quarter of the 2,500 new cervical cancer cases in England every year.

"Combined with the success of the HPV vaccine for both boys and girls, we hope that cervical cancer can be eliminated altogether by the NHS in England".

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"Our program can help close the cervical cancer screening gap for women without insurance", said the program's Maureen O'Connor.

It is Cervical Cancer prevention week and Jackie Doyle-Price is supporting Jo's Cervical Cancer Trust to tackle the myths and stigma around the common virus HPV and to get the facts out.

Another way women can protect themselves against cervical cancer, Scott says, is by getting routine Pap smears beginning at age 21.

Mr Peevor, who is the clinical lead for colposcopy and gynaecological cancer for the health board, said: "Having a smear test is hugely important as early detection of any abnormalities within the cervix can lead to a better chance of successful treatment". Cervical cancer is most often found in women who rarely get screened or have never been screened, the statement said, adding that cervical cancer does not usually have symptoms early on.

When it came to the jab, 83.8% of girls completed the two-dose HPV vaccination course in 2017/18, up from 83.1% the previous year.

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