Published: Mon, January 20, 2020
Global News | By Blake Casey

Trump Lawyers Frame Impeachment Removal Trial as Violation of Constitution, Election Meddling

Trump Lawyers Frame Impeachment Removal Trial as Violation of Constitution, Election Meddling

Rep. Hakeem Jeffries (D-N.Y.), another House manager, also said the president's team would not be able to disprove the testimony given by witnesses in House hearings past year about Trump's campaign to withhold the aid from Ukraine until President Volodymyr Zelensky agreed to investigate the Bidens.

On "This Week", Schiff made the case for having witnesses in the trial.

No senators were more eager to avoid a circus, and get going with the proceedings, than the presidential candidates facing the prospect of being marooned in the Senate ahead of kickoff nominating votes in Iowa and New Hampshire. "So let's have that fair trial", said Democratic Rep. Jason Crow of Colorado, one of the seven impeachment prosecutors who will make the case for Trump's removal.

"Rather than honestly address the evidence against him, the President's latest filing makes the astounding claim that pressuring Ukraine to interfere in our election by announcing investigations that would damage a political opponent and advance his re-election is the President's way of fighting corruption", the impeachment managers said in a joint statement last Saturday night.

House Democrats have sought to call new witnesses during the Senate trial, which begins Tuesday, arguing that a truncated process would be unfair.

He also dismissed Sen. "My mandate is to present the constitutional argument", Dershowitz said. While the malleable Trump, a former Democrat, shoots from the hip and often overshares on social media, the lifelong conservative and guarded McConnell says little, calculating his moves and keeping his own leadership team guessing.

This is part of an "ominous pattern" of behavior for the president, the House prosecutors said in the brief, pointing to the way Trump responded to former Special Counsel Robert Mueller's almost two-year investigation of Russian meddling in the 2016 election. "I'm not going to legitimize a House impeachment process that calls the secretary of state, the chief of staff and the national security advisor of any president and deny them their day in our court to protect those essential national security advisors, come to the Senate and destroy executive privilege because it could never be used in the House", he explained. The Senate rules prevent lawmakers from speaking their questions out loud.

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The aim is to reach a binding agreement in the next few months, though there's no guarantee of that timeframe, it added.

"The one thing that's very clear is that if witnesses are permitted on one side, they have to be permitted on both sides", Dershowitz said.

Those close with the president say he heeds McConnell's advice in part because he has learned lessons from ignoring him - at least twice. Democrats insist the Republican-controlled Senate should subpoena witnesses, while Republican leaders have refused to commit to doing so.

Parnas, who was arrested in October and indicted on campaign finance violations, this month provided House committees with documents to reinforce accusations that the president was personally involved in efforts to pressure Ukraine to conduct investigations that would benefit him politically.

Cornyn, who is a former judge, also correctly noted that the article of impeachment against the president alleging "abuse of power" is not a crime within itself.

Last week, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi officially transmitted the articles of impeachment to the Senate after weeks of delay in a futile attempt to demand new witness testimony in the coming trial.

"An acquittal would also provide license to President Trump and his successors to use taxpayer dollars for personal political ends", the Democratic lawmakers' brief said.

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