Published: Mon, January 20, 2020
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Prince Harry Breaks Silence Following Royal Split Announcement

Prince Harry Breaks Silence Following Royal Split Announcement

He also called them "lost souls" and said his daughter, a former actress, was being "ridiculous" and throwing away a fairy tale. "They feel they will be able to control it more from Canada", she said on Monday.

"However, I suspect based on previous behaviour, he won't do that, he'll support them through the Duchy of Cornwall".

Others pointed out that perhaps the Duchess was just caught off guard by the question, like this Twitter user who said, "The Duchess was great She probably did not expect such a question and was polite".

Harry made pointed comments about the media in his speech.

Royal commentators said it amounted to an "abdication" from the "firm" - as the royals are known - and showed that, under the warm words in which she said Harry and Meghan were much loved, the queen had taken a firm and decisive line by insisting on a clean break.

Speaking to the Lion King director at the premier of the recent reboot, Harry said: "Next time, anyone needs any extra voiceover work, we can make ourselves available".

He shared: "You looked after me for so long, but the media is a powerful force".

Buckingham Palace have said the couple will no longer receive public money and will repay the cost of refurbishing their cottage in Windsor, which official figures show amounted to 2.4 million pounds ($3.1 million).

Harry and his wife Meghan - now known as the Duke and Duchess of Sussex - are bowing out entirely from representing the British monarchy, in a crisis that has shaken the centuries-old institution.

Harry is today attending the UK-Africa Investment Summit in London, where he is due to hold a number of private meetings.

It's widely speculated the family of three will plant their roots in Vancouver, given that's where they spent six weeks over the Christmas holiday season.

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"The paparazzi will follow them everywhere they go", said Jonathan Shalit, a celebrity agent and chairman of London-based InterTalent Rights Group.

The Queen released a statement Saturday revealing that conversations with the pair had been going on for months. Buckingham Palace announced that the couple are to lose their royal titles of "His Royal Highness" and "Her Royal Highness" over the weekend.

In an extraordinary statement released on the night of January 8, the couple announced plans to step back from their current roles and split their time between the United Kingdom and North America with their son Archie.

They had initially hoped for a dual role, supporting the Queen, the Commonwealth and Harry's military associations as well, but the idea was fraught with problems and in the end unworkable.

Explaining how it had not been possible to continue serving his grandmother, the 93-year-old Queen, in any official capacity without public funding, Harry said he had to accept that reality but it did not change his commitment to his royal duty.

On Sunday night, during a charity event for his non-profit outfit Sentebale, the 35-year-old prince spoke publicly and directly to the people about his decision alongside wife Meghan Markle to exit the royal family.

The settlement between Harry and Meghan and the Queen dominated the Sunday newspapers in the UK.

One more said: "Harry you are the best we love you very much".

"We are taking a leap of faith.thank you for giving me the courage to take this next step", he said.

While everyone was shocked to hear their decision of stepping away from their royal life, as it turns out, it's something that's been in talks for months due to all the challenges they have been facing since getting married. He said, "As far as this goes, there really was no other option".

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