Published: Sat, January 18, 2020
Electronics | By Kelly Massey

Xbox Console Streaming Preview Expands to All Countries

Xbox Console Streaming Preview Expands to All Countries

Microsoft says the company has made a number of improvements to Console Streaming with feedback from Xbox Insiders, and it's soon going to introduce another update with a series of new improvements.

Xbox Console Streaming is now available for millions of players worldwide to try.

With that out of the way, the next thing to do is to launch the Xbox Game Streaming app and go through a diagnosis routine, whereby the suitability of your home network, console, and controller will be assessed. As a reminder, if you want to try out this Xbox Console Streaming feature, the safest ring of the Xbox Insider program to join is the Omega ring. "We are learning from Xbox Insiders like you whenever you participate in these new technologies", said Microsoft's Jonathan Hildebrandt.

You will need a modernish Android device (sorry iPhone and iPad people) with support for Bluetooth 4, running at least Android 6.0 or higher. If you're interested, you can sign up to be an Insider.

If anything needs work, the app will let you know. The games supported also extends to include any offered through Xbox Game Pass.

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You will also need an Xbox One Wireless Controller with Bluetooth, and a Microsoft Account with an Xbox Profile.

Initially, the Xbox Console Streaming Public Preview was only available in the USA and United Kingdom (and limited to Xbox Insider members on the Alpha scheme).

The Xbox Console Streaming service shouldn't be confused with Microsoft's other two streaming initiatives: the xCloud streaming service that runs off cloud computing and is similar to Google's Stadia, and the Xbox Console Companion app for Windows 10 devices that enables streaming of Xbox games to a Windows 10 PC. You must have an upload bandwidth of at least 4.75Mbps (9Mbps preferred), and a network latency of 125ms or less required (60ms or less preferred).

Like Project xCloud, Xbox Console Streaming is limited to Android while in Preview.

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