Published: Sat, January 18, 2020
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Spotify are now putting playlists together for your pet

Spotify are now putting playlists together for your pet

Musicologist David Teie, a pioneer in creating species-specific music based on the likes and dislikes of certain animals, helped Spotify program the algorithm to make sure your puppy or kitten will enjoy it.

Cats, dogs, and even hamsters are social creatures, and abandoning them without entertainment can sometimes feel cruel.

Spotify reckons it's got the formula for any feline, reptile or canine friend, with a preset list of questions that allows you to identify the type of creature you've got in mind.

While we don't envy the intern who must have had to sit and rate songs in all of these categories (and decide if they're more suitable for a cat or an iguana) we must admit we admire the concept.

Spotify's global online survey shows that 71% of pet owners globally play music for their pets, 8 in 10 believe their pets like music and most pet owners think music can help pets relieve stress, boost their happiness and keep them company.

To create the ideal playlist for your dog you have to enter the Pets page, in this link you can customize the ideal songs for your pet, which will be based on your tastes within the platform.

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According to People, Spotify made a decision to create the feature after an online survey revealed that 71% of people with pets play music for them.

The pair offer "dog-directed praise, stories, affirmation messages and reassurance", Spotify said as it unveiled its new offering, My Dog's Favourite Podcast.

'When dogs have appropriate auditory enrichment they may bark less, lie down and sleep more, and their body's are in a more relaxed physiological state'.

The playlists utilise the vocal skills of Game Of Thrones actor Ralph Ineson and Jessica Raine, the lead actress in the BBC series Call The Midwife.

What a great idea.

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