Published: Sat, January 18, 2020
Sport | By Kayla Schwartz

Australian Open 2020: Federer nonsensical about air quality, rejects transfer talk

Australian Open 2020: Federer nonsensical about air quality, rejects transfer talk

"There are 300 numbers for what we were told yesterday at the player's meeting, the Olympics and other competitions. Ours is set at 200", he said.

"I think the conditions for the players will be good".

"When I heard the players having issues, asking questions, the only thing I can do is go to the tournament director's office, ask what's going on, because I have been practising those days, too", said the world number one. I worry more about everyone in the fire, in the ward. It's not that we are stuck outside all the time. Maybe this news will come a little late after the ATP Cup is over, after qualifying is over.

"I think communication is key from the tournament to people, the media, fans and players, because it is known that it is not safe to be outside, keep your pets inside, close your windows". You have court calls, then you look at the haze and everything, it doesn't look good. There are rules of when we going to play, when we not going to play.

The organizers were heavily criticized on Tuesday when Melbourne smoked but the game was allowed to continue.

Schnur later apologised for his choice of words, and Federer and Nadal, who are both on the ATP Player Council, were keen to stress that they did speak to tournament officials to seek clarity on the issue. "I'm happy to be playing here, of course, I love it", said Federer, who has returned for a 21st Australian Open campaign. As I explained to you, everyone is told that he is inside and we have trial dates.

Two players who have asthma, two-time Wimbledon champion Petra Kvitova and 2019 US Open semifinalist Matteo Berrettini, said they were anxious about how they would fare in Melbourne.

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"I think obviously she's a great player". Is it super unsafe or is it absolutely safe to play? You always go back to the same thing: Some players are not used.

"I'm not saying they're not ready or whatever it is, but it can always hit you". For sure, it can be nothing else. So what can I do? "I think he and Rafa are the main contenders for the title but there are players who could make it tough for them". "I went to them on the first day when it was." bad on Tuesday, the next day on Wednesday when it was still bad.

"I think this is just more unique, the heat has been here for hundreds of years so it's hot when you come to Australia, it's not a surprise. I hope it's enough", he said. Can I go on court and say, Everybody stop play? So when I received an answer like this, when I received an answer that the most important committee in the world of sport, like the Olympic Committee, allowed the people to compete until 300, and we are going until 200, I really can not believe that the most important committee in the world wants bad health for the competitors.

"Some media like to hammer home on this topic because it's a new one". Maybe it was all a bit late. But I don't think I can do more than I did. I am on the board. I've been on the tour for so long.

"Ultimately, we all take care of each other". We cross each other in the locker room. "But also you don't know what it's going to do later in our lives and how it could affect us if we're breathing this air in for two weeks". I always understand some frustration because this Tour, this calendar, this calendar, whatever, is never flawless. Some people will always complain.

"But at the end of the day, you know, this is also something new with the ward. Everyone has to solve it, to be honest, yes".

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