Published: Fri, January 17, 2020
Electronics | By Kelly Massey

Valve's Index headset is now sold out in 31 countries

Valve's Index headset is now sold out in 31 countries

"We are working hard to build more units and meet the high demand", a Valve spokesperson explained to Road to VR. "Full product availability should be guaranteed prior to the launch of Half-Life Alyx". We recommend you do if you're looking to pick up the best VR headset experience going, the Half-life: Alyx release date is coming up fast and demand likely won't falter in the meantime.

Valve News Network: the same source that leaked Half-Life: Alyx screenshots: has published a new video that delves into Left 4 Dead. Valve officially announced the VR title on 21 November 2019, describing it as "a new full-length entry in the Half-Life series, built by Valve for VR".

This shortage actually kicked off late a year ago and is no doubt driven by anticipation for Half-Life: Alyx. In those countries where it is sold out, none of the Valve Index are now in stock or available for immediate purchase. Alyx was developed with the VR capabilities of Valve's Index in mind, which certainly gives the headset the edge. Furthermore, Valve's Index VR is offered in various packages, and Japan is the only country that has some of these packages available.

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A lot has been said about Valve's foray into the VR headset market, especially after GabeN and Co revealed the $999 price tag. If you live anywhere else in the world, it looks like you're stuck waiting for Valve to restock inventory.

RoadtoVR reports that with very few exceptions, all Index packages are sold out worldwide at the moment. By some estimates, the headset had sold just under 50,000 headsets in those first three months. The only key innovation in the headset had been its special hand controllers. The announcement made waves among the PC gamer community and many have now opted to try out the game in virtual reality.

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