Published: Fri, January 17, 2020
Markets | By Otis Pena

United Airlines jet with burning engine makes emergency landing in Newark

United Airlines jet with burning engine makes emergency landing in Newark

The United flight was bound for Los Angeles but returned to New Jersey's Newark Airport shortly after take-off due to the mechanical issue. The flight landed safely and passengers deplaned normally.

Another passenger told PIX11 News in NY that United gave passengers snacks, meal vouchers and travel vouchers toward a future flight purchase with the airline. The passengers were switched to a different plane.

"Most terrifying experience of my life", wrote Twitter user @Nickilishious, who live tweeted the nerve-wracking series of events.

"They're making announcements but i can't hear anything b/c people are screaming", she added.

An airline spokeswoman said the plane was forced to return to Newark "due to a mechanical issue".

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The airline did not elaborate on the issue further, but passengers claimed online that they saw the engine spark before shooting flames and failing altogether.

"Flight takes off, right wing of the plane (where I'm sitting in the aisle seat) sparking and now one engine failed", she posted on Twitter.

No injuries were reported. The Boeing 757-224 was in the air for 36 minutes, according to RadarBox. "We changed aircraft to get our customers to their destination as soon as possible", it said. "We just came from the Middle East, so you're thinking, oh man, is this an engine problem, is it a missile?"

Officials told ABC7 the plane was forced to dump fuel before landing at the airport. shows flight 1871 is now expected to land at Los Angeles airport around 8 a.m. eastern time.

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