Published: Fri, January 17, 2020
Electronics | By Kelly Massey

Forget About The Edit Button

Forget About The Edit Button

Speaking in a Wired Q & A interview, when asked if Twitter will finally get an edit button this year, Dorsey simply sails, "The answer is no".

"We wanted to preserve the vibe and feeling in the early days", he stated. Jack answers ALL these Twitter-based questions and much, much more! It has been like shouting to te dark because every time we think Twitter will include it in the new features it brings but nothing comes close to it.

However, with all the new innovations, the most eagerly waited edit button feature is nowhere near to be added.

Dorsey confirms that the lack of an edit button is necessary for the platform because it allows users to respond to tweets without fear that the original will be modified later. Twitter previously suggested it is exploring the option or looking into ways users can correct tweets, but those are vague assurances.

Now, Twitter is an application and use by people on the web, Dorsey acknowledged.

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There are a number of reasons why editing tweets would cause complications. One is that tweets can be retweeted - typos and all prior amendments. This makes the retweet inaccurate, Dorsey noted. In an YouTube interview with Wired on Wednesday, Dorsey who follows Vipassana meditation and intermittent fasting, added to his list of out-of-the-box lifestyle choices that includes ice bath, nearly daily.

Anyone who has Twitter knows that its lack of an edit button can be really frustrating.

Twitter has made some considerations, and toyed with the idea of giving people 30 seconds or a minute to change a tweet before it is properly published. But that means delaying tweets, which Twitter doesn't want to do.

Dorsey does not exclude it completely, of course.

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