Published: Thu, January 16, 2020
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Grant Gustin & Ezra Miller Come Face-to-Face as The Flash!

Grant Gustin & Ezra Miller Come Face-to-Face as The Flash!

The two Barrys were both perfectly themselves, one assuming this was a cosplay thing, the other being concerned over how this was possible before, and both of them geeking out over the others suits. In addition to confirming that the DC films are a part of this multiverse through a surprise cameo from Ezra Miller, it also preserves some of the other shows.

Last night, The CW's massive crossover event finally bridged a few realities within the Arrowverse. It was such a fun moment to watch live and a great reminder that the solo Flash movie is still supposed to be happening and could actually be great...and heck, maybe Grant Gustin can make a cameo in that one and bring things full circle.

The information fits with what I was told at Comic-Con in that Crisis was wanted to connect all of the DC movies, TV and streaming services with the launch of HBO Max coming this Spring.

Supergirl (Melissa Benoist) and Brandon Routh's Superman are just some of the characters that have appeared or will appear in "Crisis on Infinite Earths". "You guys know my love for DC Comics is endless and hopefully our paths will cross again... if nothing else, we El's have hope". Or did they know?!

Even though it seems Oliver's death is final this time - he doesn't appear in the crossover's Legends installment, and Arrow is, you know, ending in a couple weeks - part of Lotz still doesn't buy that the character is truly gone.

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Among the changes already set in place by Crisis is that all the characters of the Arrowverse now exist on the same Earth. He's kidding, of course.

"I didn't like the idea that there could only be one Superman, and we would lose Clark, our Tom Welling Clark as Superman, if the universes turn into one", she said.

@Noradominick is shocked that Grant and Ezra got to be in a scene together, face to face, after all these years. Don't worry Ezra, it's going to happen!

Miller has also been seen in Justice League and Suicide Squad and is expected to have his own movie on the way. "It's really handsome and I think it's the ideal way to bring it to an end", Lotz in the exclusive clip above, from the "Crisis Management" behind-the-scenes featurette. @1raith did not expect Ezra to show up during this episode.

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