Published: Wed, January 15, 2020
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Ken Jennings is the greatest Jeopardy! contestant of all time

Ken Jennings is the greatest Jeopardy! contestant of all time

He won 3 matches, with James coming in second at one match won, and Brad coming in third, winning no matches. In Double Jeopardy, Jennings had 15,200 and risked it all (!) on a Daily Double ... and he nailed it. Jennings entered with two wins and a chance to win the title, while Holzhauer, who had earned one win, looked to extend the competition. Holzhauer held a 8,200 to 5,600 lead over Jennings after the Jeopardy round (Rutter had 1,000, for the record), but Jennings retook the lead in Double Jeopardy with a correct Daily Double response about former VP Adlai Stevenson.

But Tuesday's episode repeated numerous familiar motions of the previous three episodes, with Jennings leading, Holzhauer mainly in second, and Rutter in third, occasionally dipping into negative numbers. Holzhauer went into the first game's Final Jeopardy only 10,000 points behind - not much by these champions' standards - but Jennings bet big and answered correctly, racking up 65,600 points. "This is probably the last time we will see the three of you competing on this program", he told the fan favorites. The answer: "This area of Greece, home to Pan, is synonymous with a rural paradise; it's setting for Virgil's Shepherd poems the Eclogues".

He and Rutter will both add $250,000 to their all-time totals for their runner-up spots in the GOAT tournament.

Jennings won his third match in the "Jeopardy!".

As Trebek opened the show Tuesday, he noted that he was bringing out the trophy for the victor.

The answer was: "He has 272 speeches the most of any non-title character in a Shakespeare tragedy".

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"I'm going to miss you, Alex", Rutter said during the portion of the show where Trebek chats with each player in turn.

"It's true, and I should get credit for it", he said. Jennings quickly responded correctly with "What is 'The Rose Tattoo?'".

A 45-year-old software engineer turned author from Seattle, Jennings also walked away with the grand prize of $1 million.

Brad Rutter holds the record for being the highest money victor of all time across any television game show.

Professional gambler James Holzhauer, meanwhile, holds the record for the highest amount of money earned in a single Jeopardy! game-$131,127.

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