Published: Wed, January 15, 2020
Health Care | By Cedric Leonard

4-Year-Old Girl Left Blind from the Flu After Nearly Dying

4-Year-Old Girl Left Blind from the Flu After Nearly Dying

A four-one year-old fashioned lady in Iowa who did now not score vaccinated this season was left blind after getting the flu - and her parents acknowledged doctors don't know if she's going to ever peep again.

Jade DeLucia, who didn't receive a flu shot this season, got sick a few days before Christmas and spent almost two weeks in the intensive care unit at the University of Iowa Stead Family Children's Hospital.

Amanda Phillips stated she took her daughter, Jade DeLucia, to the hospital Christmas Eve with a dangerously excessive fever, in line with NBC News.

Doctors had her immediately taken by helicopter to the children's hospital at the University of Iowa, 80 miles away in Iowa City, while her parents made the journey by auto.

On Christmas Day, her parents say they learned she developed encephalopathy, a complication from the flu which affects the brain and causes blindness.

In what her family describes as a miracle, Jade recovered enough to go home January 9, but she now can't see due to a portion of her brain that was affected, and doctors aren't sure whether that will be permanent.

The mother and father rushed Jade to the hospital - the place she started to have a seizure, they advised the outlet. She said the girl went from full comma to waking up and whispering 'Hi mummy'.

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Two weeks later, Jade woke up, but doctors noticed that she wasn't able to see.

Though Phillips told CNN that she wants to warn all parents to get a flu shot every season, she also wrote on her Facebook page that she's "not a spokesperson for vaccinations". Twenty-one of those who died had contracted influenza B, which is much more common in children and younger adults, according to the CDC. In about three to 6 months from now we'll know.

"She'd say, 'Mom, I don't feel good, ' and we'd cuddle on the couch", Phillips said. "It's awful to see your child suffer like this".

Phillips acknowledged she obtained her daughter vaccinated closing March, and hoped that can maybe well maybe work for the unique season, but doctors disclose or no longer it's the biggest to score the vaccine in the autumn sooner than each season. "It was just-it's a little bug, she'll get over it". But they mistakenly believed that the vaccine would protect her for an entire year. "Whatever recovery she has at six months, that's likely all she's going to get". The flu could result in complications, even death, according to the CDC.

According to public health officials in Idaho, at least two children have died from influenza-related causes, the Idaho Statesman reports. "It's not fun, but you get the vaccine not so much to prevent that as to prevent the chances of having a disgusting complication from the flu".

Sadly, one thing was totally different: Phillips rapidly realized Jade wasn't in a position to see.

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