Published: Tue, January 14, 2020
Global News | By Blake Casey

USA to UK: Using Huawei 5G Equipment Would Be Madness

USA to UK: Using Huawei 5G Equipment Would Be Madness

The delegation that arrived in London had been put together by President Donald Trump and was led by his deputy national security advisor, Matt Pottinger.

"If people oppose one brand or another, then they have to tell us which is the alternative?" "The British public deserve to have access to the best possible technology", he told BBC TV on Tuesday. Last week, a U.S. lawmaker proposed a bill that would prevent intelligence sharing with countries playing host to Huawei 5G infrastructure.

All of Britain's 5G networks have now been launched, albeit without the Chinese firm's 5G equipment at their core. For example, the recently passed Cloud Act allows the USA government to enter deals with each individual country to bypass each other's judicial process and a warrant requirement in order to gain direct access to the digital data of their own expatriates, even if the data is hosted overseas.

As some Huawei gear has already been installed, companies warn that a full ban would delay the roll-out of 5G and cost hundreds of millions of pounds.

A decision on 5G is expected later this month during a meeting of the National Security Council.

According to a report in The Guardian, US officials told United Kingdom officials in a meeting on Monday it would be "nothing short of madness" to allow Huawei a role in the 5G network, saying it could be used for state spying.

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Responding to the interview, Johnson's spokesman said: "When a decision has been made we will provide an update to parliament". The U.S. believes that with the general election out of the way, it is imminent.

The government under former prime minister Theresa May granted the Chinese telecoms giant restricted access to build "non-core" infrastructure such as antennas, but said it would be blocked from involvement in the most sensitive areas of the network.

So-called 5G, which stands for fifth-generation wireless technology, promises speeds as much as 100-times faster than current 4G networks, potentially unlocking new technologies, including automated factories.

The U.S. government shares intelligence information and tools with other countries within the Five Eyes, Nine Eyes and Fourteen Eyes spy alliances, as well as through other means.

The spokesman added: "And now, Andrew Parker, the head of MI5, says he has "no reason to think" that the UK's intelligence-sharing relationship with the U.S. would be hit if Britain continued to use Huawei technology".

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