Published: Tue, January 14, 2020
Global News | By Blake Casey

Texas Court Permits Private Group to Resume Building US-Mexico Border Wall

Texas Court Permits Private Group to Resume Building US-Mexico Border Wall

The administration Friday marked the 100th mile of wall construction along the southern border, describing it as a "milestone achievement".

On Thursday, the White House welcomed the court's action, calling the nationwide injunction put in place by the lower court "illegitimate".

Mark Morgan, the acting Commissioner for Customs and Border Protection, has said, however, that he has felt "no pressure from the administration to build more miles of wall".

The court reversed a lower court order that had stopped Trump, who declared a national emergency along the southern border in February 2019, from diverting the Defense Department money.

Mexico has refused to fund any of the administration's border barrier projects, despite Trump's 2016 campaign promise that US taxpayers would not foot the bill. The declaration also created a path to another source of border wall funding: money collected in drug interdiction efforts. They noted that after Trump declared a state of emergency in February, the administration waited almost seven months before seeking to spend the $3.6 billion in military funds on the wall.

In essence, Trump's declaration enabled him to draw billions more dollars beyond the $1.3 billion that Congress specifically authorized for border wall funding. They noted that Trump had promised repeatedly during the 2016 presidential campaign that Mexico would pay for the wall.

The worldwide border wall between San Diego, California, and Tijuana, Mexico.

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And protracted legal battles are not the only thing slowing down construction.

The White House has pushed for construction on the US-Mexico border to be dubbed new wall, according to a former administration official.

In addition to noting this case, the appellate court also cited the "substantial likelihood" that the City of El Paso and the Border Network for Human Rights, the plaintiffs in the original lawsuit, lacked legal standing in their claims.

"The entire wall is under construction or is ready to begin!" the president tweeted in response to the ruling of the Fifth American Circuit Court of Appeals. The Trump administration has sent letters to dozens of residences in California, New Mexico and Texas notifying owners that the government is going to survey their land for future border barriers, two United States defense officials told CNN late previous year.

"We are committed to keeping our borders safe and we will finish the wall".

Crews could start building a private border wall in South Texas within the coming days following a federal judge's ruling Thursday that lifted a restraining order against the project.

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