Published: Tue, January 14, 2020
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Scottish independence: Boris Johnson says no to second independence vote

Scottish independence: Boris Johnson says no to second independence vote

Sturgeon described Johnson's continued rejection as "unsustainable", and said the "Scottish government will set out our response and next steps later this month when we will also ask the Scottish Parliament to again endorse Scotland's right to choose".

However, Johnson has now written to Sturgeon officially refusing her request for powers over referendums to be transferred to Holyrood. The Scottish people voted decisively to keep our United Kingdom, a result that the Scottish and British governments have pledged to respect.

As things stand, a referendum can not take place without the consent of the United Kingdom government, which Johnson refuses to change.

PRIME MINISTER Boris Johnson has refused a request to transfer powers over referendums to the Scottish Parliament, insisting another referendum would continue "political stagnation" in Scotland.

But he said both she and her predecessor Alex Salmond had made a "personal promise" that the referendum in 2014 was a "once in generation" event.

"It is not politically sustainable for any Westminster government to stand in the way of the right of the people of Scotland to decide their own future and to seek to block the clear democratic mandate for an independence referendum".

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1 / The Conservatives are terrified of Scotland's right to choose - because they know that if we choose, we will choose independence.

In his letter to the head of the SNP, Mr Johnson said that he had "carefully examined" the case she had presented for the transfer of powers to Holyrood which would allow her to hold a vote on the future of Scotland.

But even that route to securing another plebiscite on Scottish sovereignty looks forlorn after the Conservative Party Scottish Secretary at Westminster, Alister Jack, said on Sunday that victory for the SNP in the Scottish elections would not give the party a mandate to hold a second independence poll.

"He's got this very, very strong incentive to try and stop an independence referendum at all costs because it has this massive potential to throw him off-course but there's a question of whether it becomes too much for him to be able to say no".

Sturgeon and her Scottish National Party (SNP) has repeatedly claimed that "Scotland would not be dragged out of the EU" against their will and said a second referendum will be held in 2020.

"The Westminster union can not be sustained without consent".

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