Published: Tue, January 14, 2020
Life&Culture | By Sue Mclaughlin

Justin Bieber soon in feat with BTS? We know additional!

Justin Bieber soon in feat with BTS? We know additional!

Justin Bieber has been called "desperate" after urging fans to get his new single Yummy to number one by listening to it while they sleep.

It's nice to see Justin Bieber accepting defeat with such maturity.

As Genius reports, Bieber is now doing his best to ensure that "Yummy" tops the charts in the US.

However, the Spotify slide included additional details for global fans which would allow them to distort and manipulate Billboard's counting.

"Create a playlist with "Yummy" on repeat and stream it", the post urges.

Instructions included to stream the song on repeat on Bieber's website and on iTunes; as well as to create playlists consisting exclusively of "Yummy" and letting it play at low volume during the night.

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It also encourages fans outside the U.S. to use a VPN, and to set their location to the United States so that the streams count towards the Billboard charts. However, we're sure that they aren't too happy with how "Yummy" is ranking right now.

Neither Bieber nor Braun have publicly spoken about using VPNs to manipulate numbers since the Instagram post was taken down sometime Thursday night.

By using a VPN, which stands for Virtual Private Network, global fans could hide their IP addresses and appear to stream the song from within the U.S. So far, neither Bieber, nor representatives of himself or Billboard, have issued a response.

Last week, Bieber shared the music video for "Yummy" and announced a massive North American tour.

"Let it play while you sleep" as a listening pattern is one reason why so many tracks on ambient noise playlists (rainfall, white noise, waves etc) do so well, as they are genuinely meant to help people to sleep.

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