Published: Tue, January 14, 2020
Global News | By Blake Casey

Bernie Sanders denies telling Elizabeth Warren a woman can't win

Bernie Sanders denies telling Elizabeth Warren a woman can't win

So if you're Joe Biden do you want to go after Bernie, do you want to go after Elizabeth?

Warren didn't twist the knife, and even maintained that "Bernie and I have far more in common" than this one difference. And all six qualifying candidates are white, reflecting the diminishing racial diversity of the field.

While Sanders and Warren have, until this weekend, publicly defended each other on the debate stage and in media interviews, Sanders' team says they're expecting attacks from the MA senator on the debate stage. After deciding early previous year not to run for president, because of the perceived strength of Biden as the frontrunner, Bloomberg reversed himself and entered the race in late November, at the point when Biden's poll numbers and fundraising were at a low ebb. Similarly, a national Quinnipiac University poll of Democratic voters found Biden leading the rest of the field by single digits with Sanders close behind but ahead of Warren and Buttigieg. All of the candidates on stage will be white. Biden is looking to retain his lead in the final weeks before the caucuses and leverage a victory here to quell voter curiosity about other candidates in the primary.

The only person who did not qualify for this debate but was in the last debate is Andrew Yang. In it, Warren contradicts Sanders's claim. The trigger was the talking points distributed by the Sanders campaign to volunteers who encounter Warren supporters.

Warren made the claim one day before Tuesday's Democratic debate after the broadcaster CNN published a report citing unnamed sources alleging that Sanders privately told Warren that a woman could not win.

The progressive wing of the Democratic party, personified by Warren and Sanders, has so far avoided open squabbling, but that changed this week when the Sanders campaign suggested that Warren is an elitist candidate and someone leaked details of a private conversation between the two candidates in which Sanders is alleged to have said a woman can't win the nomination.

"The idea that Warren trotted this out to damage Sanders seems very unlikely", tweeted feminist writer Jessica Valenti.

Warren said in a statement that during the two-hour meeting to discuss the 2020 election, "among the topics that came up was what would happen if Democrats nominated a female candidate".

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The win sees Australia into the final four, to meet the victor of Spain and Belgium later this week. Serbia or Canada stand in the way of Russian Federation and a place in the final.

Forty-six percent of likely voters said they thought Biden had the best chance of beating Trump, compared to 25 percent for Sanders and 10 percent for Warren.

That drew a swift and strong denial from the Vermont senator. The senator said Biden's eight years as President Obama's right-hand man was "probably enough".

"I think the real question is how much he could get done through executive orders, through directives", Cafaro said.

"It is not good enough for someone to say: 'I'm a woman!"

Top tier campaigns have been frantically rolling out endorsements of Iowa Democratic lawmakers and high profile party officials to travel around the state to make the electability argument. "Clear evidence that's she's not willing to actually take up the unity mantle she's recently added to her stump", the aide added, referring to former HUD Secretary and recent Warren endorser Julián Castro.

Joining in an effort to boost the Biden campaign were three members of the House of Representatives from the group identified by the World Socialist Web Site as "CIA Democrats".

Mr Sanders and Ms Warren are the most prominent progressive candidates vying for the Democratic nomination in November's presidential election. The candidates will likely hammer Trump for his handling of the escalating tensions with Iran and parrot recent polls showing that most Americans feel the world is less safe because of the USA president's actions.

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