Published: Mon, January 13, 2020
Electronics | By Kelly Massey

Xbox Series X first-party games will also play on Xbox One

Xbox Series X first-party games will also play on Xbox One

"We want to make sure that if someone invests in Xbox between now and [Xbox Series X], they will feel like they have made a good choice and we are committed to providing them with content".

Having your first-party Xbox Series X games become cross-gen titles means that they won't be able to look radically different from those featured on Xbox One.

Judging by the first party drought on PS4 and the complete radio silence thus far regarding first-party PS5 exclusives, we fully expect Sony's new console to have a great many exclusive titles. Microsoft has already announced Halo Infinite timed alongside the launch of the Xbox Series X, with Booty adding that the console maker would be focusing on "one or two IP" that would take advantage of all the console's new features.

The conceit behind a "launch exclusive" is to have a game that gives users a good reason to purchase one console over another. It's not exactly a secret that the Xbox One hasn't had the best console cycle - after a reveal event that was largely panned by players, the Xbox One seemed destined to finish a distant second to the PlayStation 4.

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Speaking to MCV, Xbox Game Studios boss Matt Booty confirmed Microsoft's own titles will work across the Xbox family of devices as well as PC for the next two years. At least for a while. A lovely or massive game gives developers the chance to flex the new console's muscles, showing what it's capable of at launch. And for us that's going to be Halo Infinite, which is a big opportunity. Instead of major platform jumps every five to 10 years, hardware releases are more incremental, with games being both backwards and forwards compatible, at least for a little while.

"But what we aren't doing right now is for example, saying, 'hey, could half of the Minecraft team go work on Sea of Thieves?' I think that would just be very tough with the way we run our studios".

We're still almost a year out from the launches of the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5, but this is already shaping up to be one of the biggest paradigm shifts the industry has ever seen.

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