Published: Mon, January 13, 2020
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NASA welcomes 11 new astronauts ready for spaceflight assignments

NASA welcomes 11 new astronauts ready for spaceflight assignments

"They are the best of the best: They are highly qualified and very diverse, and they represent all of America", said NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine. "NASA's SLS rocket is created to evolve so a variety of missions can be accomplished first to the Moon for the Artemis missions and then to Mars and other deep space destinations". However, NASA eventually made a decision to continue with the Green Run, in spite of the overwhelming time pressure, because "Astronaut safety is our #1 priority" and it "increases probability of a successful moon landing in 2024".

Canada's newest astronauts Jennifer Sidey and Joshua Kutryk answer questions from the audience during a visit to the Canadian Space Agency in Saint-Hubert, Que., Tuesday, July 4, 2017.

After finishing greater than 2 years of standard training, the 6 ladies and also 7 guys were picked from a record-breaking 18,000 candidates and also stand for a variety of histories and also specializeds, from pilots to researchers, designers and also medical professionals.

Together with 11 US colleagues, the two Canadians celebrated that transition Friday with a formal graduation before National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) officials and media - something that the USA space agency has not done in the past. With the latest graduates NASA now has 48 active astronauts in its corps. Silver pins were awarded to each new astronaut at a ceremony on Friday.

Kayla Barron is a US Navy lieutenant from Richland, Washington, with a bachelor's degree in systems engineering and a master's degree in nuclear engineering.

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As a submarine warfare officer, Barron served aboard the USS Maine (SSBN 741), completing three strategic deterrent patrols.

Her research focused on microorganisms in subsurface environments, ranging from caves to deep-sea sediments. Like Chari, he is also a graduate of the US Naval Test Pilot School. Chari is a colonel of the US Air Force and served as the director of the F-35 Fleet Integrated Test Force. In addition to its miles of complex cabling, avionics and propulsion systems, its two propellant tanks hold a combined 733,000 gallons of propellant to power the four RS-25 engines. Hines was also deployed to Enduring Freedom and Iraqi Freedom. Hoburg was also an assistant professor of aeronautics and astronautics at MIT.

Kim, a U.S. Navy lieutenant, graduated from Dollars with a degree in mathematics and went on to complete his doctorate of medicine at Harvard Medical School. He has served overseas and filled in as an aircraft tester and a NASA look into pilot. She has worked testing H-1 helicopters. O'Hara engineered, tested and operated deep-sea submersibles and robots at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution in MA.

Dr. Francisco Rubio is a lieutenant colonel of the US Army from Miami, Florida, with a bachelor's degree in global relations and a doctorate in medicine.

Sidey-Gibbons studied mechanical engineering at McGill University in Montreal and received a doctorate in engineering from the University of Cambridge.

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