Published: Mon, January 13, 2020
Global News | By Blake Casey

Man survives 23 days in sub-zero temperatures after cabin burns down

Man survives 23 days in sub-zero temperatures after cabin burns down

Eating a long-awaited McDonald's and still wearing some of the same clothes, Steele gave an interview to the State Troopers unit, which described him as appearing "vaguely reminiscent of actor Tom Hanks" character in the movie "Cast Away'".

Steele's cabin was all but destroyed by a "big piece of cardboard" he was burning on his woodstove that apparently set the roof ablaze on December 17 or 18, according to the state troopers.

Unfortunately, his beloved chocolate Lab Phil didn't make it out alive.

In the confusion however, Phil was actually trapped inside with no hope of escape as Steele's rifles and ammunition began to explode as the cabin continued to burn.

"I have no words for what sorrow; it was just, just a scream".

"Just a visceral - not angry, not sad, just like, that's all I could express - just scream". "It was like a war zone", Mr Steele said.

A mid-December fire had killed his dog and left Steele with no means of communication, Steele told troopers. "And that stayed, you know, snow caves are pretty nice for survival".

The trooper helicopter crew at about 11 a.m. reached the homestead and saw Steele waving his arms near a makeshift shelter. I slept for a really long time.

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Now, Steele plans to take some time to recover from the ordeal.

He gathered the food that survived the fire - canned goods, some beans and peanut butter, and figured he had enough food to have two cans a day for a month.

The rescue team was responding to a welfare check on Steele after family and friends reported that they had not heard from him in weeks.

"The thing was, maybe half of those cans, they've heated up and popped open and the smoke's circulating inside the can - plastic, whatever, insulation".

Steele had a "crappy" phone that he'd been using to check in with friends and family, but authorities said it was lost in the fire. He said if no one came after 35 days, he would venture out of the area.

It was so cold, he said, that his urine would freeze in a bucket by the fire after just a few minutes.

Pilot Cliff Gilliland and Tactical Flight Officer Trooper Zac Johnson rescued him.

While recounting the events with state police after his rescue, Steele said he managed to grab a handful of supplies from his burning cabin but most of his possessions, including his six-year-old dog Phil, didn't make it.

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