Published: Mon, January 13, 2020
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Iran Protests break out in Iran after admission of accidental plane downing

Iran Protests break out in Iran after admission of accidental plane downing

Some state-affiliated media carried reports of the university protests, which followed demonstrations on Saturday sparked by Iran's admission that its military mistakenly shot down the plane on Wednesday, killing all 176 aboard, at a time when Tehran feared USA air strikes.

Mr Araghchi said when police informed him that a man was arrested who claimed to be the British ambassador he did not believe them. "As long as we know that someone cares for these people, that's so important for us". Consider the letter the Olympian, 21-year-old Kimia Alizadeh posted on Instagram on Saturday to explain her flight to the West, calling herself "one of the millions of oppressed women in Iran who [Iran's rulers] have been playing with for years".

Iran has admitted the plane was mistaken for a hostile target amid soaring tensions with the United States.

"What the president said was that there probably could be additional attacks against embassies".

"To the leaders of Iran - DON'T KILL YOUR PROTESTERS", tweets Trump, warning that the world and "more importantly, the U.S. is watching".

They also don't want to talk about how the hundreds of billions of dollars the deal meant for Tehran went for military adventurism in Syria and Iraq as well as Lebanon, Gaza and Yemen - not to make Iran a better place.

Canada's Prime Minister's Office said earlier that Trudeau had spoken with Rouhani who assured him of global cooperation for a "complete and thorough investigation", stating his commitment to facilitate access to Iran of its consular and aviation experts to support families affected by the incident.

Shahed Alavi, an Iranian political analyst based in Washington, says when it comes to attitude towards the Iranian government, there are three types of people within the Iranian American community.

A spokesman for Mr Champagne said the officials "will be there to provide consular assistance to the families of the victims, including supporting repatriation of remains, to help identify victims and to assist in the investigation".

The government's efforts to get officials on the ground in Tehran have been complicated by the fact that Canada severed all ties with Iran in 2012, shuttering its embassy and recalling all diplomats. Many on board were Iranians with dual citizenship, while 57 were holders of Canadian passports. That Iran was in such a hair-trigger state of alert says something quite positive about Iran's defenses, except that someone apparently made a grievous error and mistook the airliner for a foreign intrusion near Tehran.

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Prime Minister Justin Trudeau told a memorial event in Edmonton that "this tragedy struck our Iranian-Canadian community, leaving cities like Edmonton reeling, but this was truly a Canadian tragedy".

The University confirmed that six students were on the plane at the time of the crash.

"This is Toronto's loss, this is Ontario's loss and this is Canada's loss", an emotional Freeland told the vigil.

"Nothing will ever replace the brilliant lives that have been cut short". "We will always bear these scars". "None of us mattered to them, we were tools".

"Canada and the world still have many questions, questions that must be answered", Trudeau said in a news conference in Ottawa on Saturday.

"This is a tragedy that should not have happened", the prime minister said.

Protests inside Iran followed a build-up of tension between Iran and the United States, which withdrew from Tehran's nuclear pact with world powers in 2018 and then toughened up sanctions.

Footage on social media purported to show Iranian police and security forces firing both live ammunition and tear gas at demonstrators in Tehran, who were protesting the downing of a passenger plane.

Scores of demonstrators were shown outside another university in the capital and at gatherings in other cities on Sunday.

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