Published: Sun, January 12, 2020
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Resident Evil 3 Remake Will Apparently Be Sans Mercenaries Mode

Resident Evil 3 Remake Will Apparently Be Sans Mercenaries Mode

The game takes place 24 hours before and after Resident Evil 2, with ex-S.T.A.R.S. agent Jill Valentine attempting to escape a zombie-infested Raccoon City.

The PlayStation State of Play opportunity has served Capcom to announce the event of a brand new remake that the witness of the profitable Resident Evil 2 can choose (one of the many fun video games of 2019). This was mentioned in PlayStation Official Magazine UK this month.

When asked about the decision to remodel the appearance of main character Carlos Oliveira for the remake, Kawada stated that several aspects of Resident Evil 3 have undergone a similar makeover, but stressed that none of these changes have been made without reason. Not only that, but Nemesis was created in real life to be able to be scanned via photogrammetry. But there are two particular items from the original title that will be missing when the remake launches.

Unfortunately, though, the game won't have multiple endings or the Mercenaries Mode.

"Resident Evil 3 has more open spaces and one of the things that makes Nemesis so frightening is that he is relentless and you never know when or where he might show up", Fabiano added. That signifies that the Nemesis will actually be roaming the in-game world (which is reportedly greater than you might anticipate) and you might certainly not pretty know when you'll face him. Moreover, the Mercenaries mode has been tossed aside.

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As far as the story goes - though it will be re-imagined, don't expect multiple endings.

That's not all we've learned about the Resident Evil 3 remake, either - the subject of Resident Evil Resistance (formerly Project Resistance) was also touched upon. That is exactly what is happening here in Resident Evil 3.

Resident Evil 3 Remake drops in April.

Based on these details, the remake of Resident Evil 3 seems to be going in a different direction from the original, while still keeping some of its successful elements.

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