Published: Sun, January 12, 2020
Sport | By Kayla Schwartz

Kevin Durant, Kendrick Perkins Debate Greatest Player In Thunder History Title

Kevin Durant, Kendrick Perkins Debate Greatest Player In Thunder History Title

On a night when former teammate Russell Westbrook made his return to Oklahoma City, Kevin Durant wasn't pulling any punches when discussing his legacy with another former teammate, Kendrick Perkins. "So what that mean?"

After their nasty Twitter exchange, Kendrick Perkins appeared on ESPN's The Jump where he addressed the situation.

Former Boston Celtics center Kendrick Perkins has never been afraid of confrontation, and now that he's a member of the media, confrontation can spill over onto social media.

Durant and the Thunder were eliminated by the Memphis Grizzlies in five games without Westbrook, who had a knee injury.

When NBA analyst Marc D'Amico challenged Perk, saying KD has the better resume, Perk took another swipe at Durant.

It was the last tweet that drew the attention of the player in question, Kevin Durant himself.

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Durant called Perkins out for poor playoff numbers.

"Boy stop you did the weakest move in NBA History!" "In about 30 minutes I'm going to give my opinion on @SportsCenter on why Believe that Russell Westbrook is the best player to have ever put on a Oklahoma City Thunder Jersey!" Up on a team 3-1 in the western conference finals and then go join them the following season?!

"After the cortisone, it gave me a great stepping stone to work my way to getting back on the floor", he said.

"That's fine! You worked that hard and still had to go join a 73-9 team", Perkins wrote. In his replies to other users, though, Durant indicated that the apparent Twitter feud really wasn't a big deal.

Durant did downplay the significance of these interactions, tweeting that "this energy doesn't leave social media" and "We talkin hoops not life".

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