Published: Sun, January 12, 2020
Electronics | By Kelly Massey

Apex Legends is adding brand new modes next week

Apex Legends is adding brand new modes next week

This happened just after the Winter Event.

All the while, players will also be able to nab a rotating list of cosmetics from the shop for each character.

All-new cosmetic items will rotate in and out of the in-game store, but you'll be able to earn some new skins and items via a new Challenge Scoreboard. The Grand Soirée Arcade Event is set to start on January 14 and end January 28. While you don't have to participate every day, those who do will receive a special badge for trying every mode.

January 16 - Live. Die.

You can catch a quick glimpse at some of the chaos we can expect from each mode in the trailer below, as well as get a look at each of the Legends dressed to impress in their new formal skins. Then at ring closure, your teammates will respawn on you to reloot up and do it all over again.

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18th to 19th - Third-Person Mode - I don't feel like you need me to explain this one. So no more breaks, the ring will just be constantly closing for the duration of the game, leading to what should be some incredibly frantic firefights. "Armed & Dangerous: World's Edge" makes players choose between sniper rifles and shotguns, but only gives them limited armor. While this mode seems pretty simple, and it is, I wonder if these dummies will have no abilities and all fights will be strictly gun battles.

Apex Legends is starting the new year and decade off with a bang.

Apex is also introducing a new Event Prize Track that is very similar to the battle pass system but is strictly for the limited-time event.

As you go about enjoying your time in Apex Legends, players will be progressing along the new Event Prize Track, which has been tweaked by Respawn for this event. There will also be a Bonus Scoring Weekend, in which an additional set of event-specific challenges will be held, offering winnings of a total of 500 points.

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