Published: Wed, January 08, 2020
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What time is the Full Wolf Moon Eclipse this Friday?

What time is the Full Wolf Moon Eclipse this Friday?

Another semi-shadow eclipse will happen on June 6 and will be visible in Saudi Arabia and the Arab region. The celestial event will fall on January 10 this week and it will be visible even from India, which also happened to witness the final solar eclipse of the year 2019 in December. "A year ago on July 27 and 28, Indians were greatly privileged to witness a regular longest duration 'Total Lunar Eclipse" of this century.

The name of Wolf Moon comes from Native American cultures and a time when wolves were a top predator across North America, including what today is Pennsylvania.

There are particular glasses available to watch the eclipse.

Even then, those in the United Kingdom won't be able to view it as the eclipse will take place on the other side of the globe: New Zealand and eastern Australia will get the best view. According to Time and Date, the eclipse will last from 10:37pm IST on January 10 to 2:42am IST on January 11. This will cause the surface of the moon to appear to darken slightly.

Use binoculars if you are interested in seeing the Moon's features during the eclipse.

However, before you get too excited, it should be noted that due to the fact that it is during daylight hours, it will not be visible to the USA and most of the Americas.

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Based on the Earth's shadow on the Moon, there are three types of lunar eclipses- (1) total lunar eclipse, (2) partial lunar eclipse, and (3) penumbral lunar eclipse. Of the four lunar eclipses that are going to occur in 2020, the first one is going to take place on January 10.

So if you're an avid eclipse-watcher or an amateur photographer keen on getting a shot of the spectacle, the penumbral lunar eclipse will offer a view of the full moon losing its milky white brightness and look odd and shaded for a few hours, making it worth the wait and watch. The eclipse will be visible in India and Asia, Europe, Africa, Australia and South America.

Why does a lunar eclipse occur? But from Mysuru, this will be a partial solar eclipse.

Both solar or lunar eclipse should not be seen with direct eye during the unique phenomena.

Two other penumbral lunar eclipses will also happen on July 4-5 and November 29-30.

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