Published: Wed, January 01, 2020
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Why It's Time to Ditch New Year's Resolutions | Chloe Anagnos

Why It's Time to Ditch New Year's Resolutions | Chloe Anagnos

January is always the most optimistic time of the year, as millions of people make resolutions to improve themselves.

Two of the most common pledges are to lose weight and exercise more. Global News reporter Olivia Bowden will find solutions for parents who typically have stressful years ⁠- and we assume this is most ⁠- and ways to really be more mindful in the new year. But science can also tell us how to succeed.

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First, start small and go after a realistic goal. While it might be admirable and inspirational to declare you're going to run the Boston Marathon this year, if you haven't run a mile since 3rd grade PE class, that's an extremely unlikely goal. However, there's no harm in setting some goals and expectations for 2020 and working towards it.

I love when they drop the ball in Times Square, it's a nice reminder of what I did all year.

Losing weight is (relatively) easy.

I vow to embark on trips, go out for fancy meals, buy that makeup I've been eyeing up, and just let my hair down for 365 days after pinching every penny and saying "no" to nearly every invite for so long. "I will eat whole, healthy foods today" vs "I will become a healthy eater this year".

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Diets fail because they are a temporary fix. They were one of the first groups to hold celebrations for their new year which, at that time, began in March.

Everything you add to your life means you have to give something up. "I want to journey on a different path to maintain sobriety". You would come out very happy.

A little planning ahead goes a long way toward making good habits stick. "Exercising more" is not a goal, it's a platitude. How about YouTubeTV? Do you really need to ditch the ads to watch a 15-minute video? Better still, plan to run a race in early May and train specifically for that goal. Share your resolutions with other peopleIf you do this, you will stay motivated and learn how to overcome the challenges together with other people. But if part of the spirit of making resolutions is to try new things, then I think it's a worthy and even exciting endeavor.

"Then have a plan in place about how you're going to achieve it and write it down". To make sure that one actually reaches the goal, one must be practical and set specific targets. Change your environment to remove distractions and temptations.

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In other words, resolutions are unattainable because they give your brain too many incentives to quit before you even start. Did you learn the language, or travelled where you wished to?

Finally, don't be too tough on yourself. Simply recover from the mistake and get back on track. Aspiring to do better is good, but you won't find self-worth on a scale or in a race. Regardless of what resolution one is committed to, the ultimate goal is to improve one's life in the coming year.

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