Published: Tue, December 31, 2019
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Monsey stabbing attack: NYC mayor announces measures to tackle anti-Semitism

Monsey stabbing attack: NYC mayor announces measures to tackle anti-Semitism

Police officers escort suspect Grafton Thomas.

Ramapo officers picked him up and transported him upstate, the spokeswoman said.

Police tracked a fleeing suspect to Manhattan and made an arrest within two hours of the attack Saturday night in Monsey. A group of Orthodox Jews watched the hearing from the gallery. His next court appearance is Friday.

According to prosecutors, a search of Thomas's journal and internet searches support that the defendant, indeed, "intentionally obstructed, by force and threat of force, each victim listed below in the enjoyment of that victim's free exercise of religious beliefs".

Public defender Kristine Ciganek argued her client had no criminal history and lived with his mother.

"They're making him look like this monster", she said in a telephone interview.

Thomas said in court papers filed in a 2013 eviction case in Utah that he suffered from schizophrenia, depression and anxiety and that his "conditions are spontaneous and untamed".

The Jewish Federation of Nashville and Middle Tennessee has released a statement after five people celebrating Hanukkah were stabbed in NY. The rabbi's son was also injured, he said.

"I was praying for my life", said Kohn, 65.

The rabbi's home is attached to the ultra-Orthodox Hasidic Jewish congregation's synagogue and he was hosting a ceremony to light the candle on the seventh night of Hanukkah when Thomas allegedly ran in, swinging a knife.

Rockland County has the largest Jewish population per capita of any county in the United States, according to New York State. About 90,000 residents, nearly a third of the county's population, are Jewish, Weidel said.

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He added: "I would in fact abide by the, whatever was legally required of me". Biden said in response to a questioner at a campaign stop in New Hampshire .

What happened in the Monsey stabbing?

Police are also investigating Thomas in connection with another stabbing in the same town last month.

All the injured have been taken to the hospital. He noted that other incidents have affected the LGBTQ, black and Hispanic communities.

Grafton Thomas, 37, of Greenwood Lake, is facing five counts of attempted murder and one count of burglary following the incident that unfolded Saturday night in Monsey, N.Y., which officials have described as an anti-Semitic act of "domestic terrorism". Two of the people killed in that attack were Jewish. "These are terrorists in our country perpetrating terrorism on other Americans, and that's how we should treat it".

'Last night while New Yorkers came together in solidarity with the Jewish community, Rudy was on Twitter trying to play the victim and make it about himself, ' de Blasio replied on Twitter.

"In New York City, diversity is our strength and we respect the traditions of all who call New York City home", the mayor said in a statement.

"People in the Orthodox community are connecting dots and are genuinely frightened of the escalation", said Rockland County legislator Aron Wieder.

Federal agents obtained a warrant to search Thomas' house and recovered an 18-inch Ozark Trail machete, a weapon separate from the one used in the attack.

"And it's going to take all New Yorkers, not just the NYPD, it's going to take everyone up here", stated Dermot Shea, commissioner of the New York Police Department. The rabbi led the service at the synagogue later, he said.

"There's a fear of reporting. We must all join to stop them in their tracks and root out the hatred and ignorance at their core".

Giuliani's assault continued into a third tweet, calling de Blasio a "coward" who is yet to condemn anti-Semites in his own party, one which, in his opinion, harbors individuals whose 'main objective is to destroy the Jewish Homeland'.

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