Published: Sun, December 29, 2019
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Drake Sits Down With Rap Radar, Talks Pusha T, Chris Brown & More

Drake Sits Down With Rap Radar, Talks Pusha T, Chris Brown & More

I think there was always resentment on both sides. I personally don't as a result of I don't consider any of it, and I wish to hearken to guys that I consider ... In the song, Pusha puts Drake on blast for allegedly failing to care for his son. So the opposite ingredient to the document, whether or not it's simply the shit that he's making up about my mother and my dad, all this dumb shit - or, clearly, the half that hit me probably the most, which is wishing that my pal who has an sickness dies - that shit, to me, just isn't actually wavy. "I sleep well at night knowing I didn't get out-barred", the rapper shares with Rap Radar. Speaking about his differences with Pusha-T, Drake said that he was "not at all willing to fix anything with this person" and that the situation has reached a point where there is no back and forth. "I don't even know them that way". It was just [that] he told the world that the biggest artist at the time has a kid that he hasn't told you about. That feud has since gone chilly, probably on the behest of Kanye West. Drake has talked about it since then, and he has at all times come off grumpy. And that's just facts.

"Well, I think we both just grew up to the point that that person that was kind of in the middle of us is like no longer a part of either of our lives now, and I have the utmost love and respect for her", he says, with "that person" apparently Rihanna. At one point in the chat, Drake says he's not a fan of the Virginia ex-trapper's bars because, in his words, he doesn't believe them to be true.

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The 33-year-old rap star - who dated the Bajan beauty off-and-on from 2009 to 2016 - has admitted he has the "utmost love and respect" for Rihanna, who was physically assaulted by Chris in February 2009, and that caused him to hesitate before agreeing to work with her ex-boyfriend.

"I am not just a few child that is a fan anymore", Drizzy says of Kanye.

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