Published: Tue, December 17, 2019
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Johnson holds losing hand on indyref2, warns Blackford

Johnson holds losing hand on indyref2, warns Blackford

Nicola Sturgeon today predicted Boris Johnson will be forced to capitulate and hand her the powers for a second independence referendum as he can not "imprison" Scotland in the UK.

Ian Blackford, the SNP's leader in Westminster, said today: 'The SNP's landslide election victory was a watershed moment.

He added that the vote must "absolutely" take place in 2020, while the United Kingdom "is still in transition".

Speaking about the prime minister, she added: "If he thinks - and I said this to him on Friday night on the telephone - that saying no is the end of the matter, he is going to find himself completely and utterly wrong".

A leading member of that government, Michael Gove, stated that it would be at least five years before his government would allow Scots to vote on an independence referendum.

The SNP won 80% of Scottish seats at this election, the Tories won just 10%.

"We have a mandate".

'The Tories stood on a single pledge of blocking an independence referendum and so they suffered a thumping defeat - dropping greater than half of their seats and falling 20-points behind within the vote'.

She insisted that in the wake of the ballot, most people want politicians to "respect that vote and get on with the job of delivering for everybody across the whole of the United Kingdom".

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"We have that mandate, we have that right, he now needs to transfer that power to the Scottish Parliament and we can have that referendum next year".

The occasion's new group of MPs met this afternoon for and to ship a transparent message to Boris Johnson that they won't settle for his refusal to permit one other vote on splitting up the UK.

Pamela Nash, chief executive of Scotland in Union, said: "Scotland already has the right to choose and we chose to remain in the UK".

Mr Blackford refused to disclose what action the SNP plans to take to ensure a referendum takes place if Mr Johnson refuses to grant it. We know for example that a large chunk of Labour supporters, and an increasing number of elected representatives, support Scotland's right to determine its own future.

She told Marr that Scottish voters had "rejected the Tories, said no to Brexit and made clear we want our future in our own hands", adding: "I don't presume everyone who voted SNP of Thursday is yet prepared to back independence, but it's not for me to decide that question, it's not for Boris Johnson to decide, it's for the people of Scotland". It's better that that's done in the short term.

'If she does not, if she remains intransigent, and if she denies Scotland a choice on our future, she will make Scottish independence inevitable'.

Mr Blackford told PA that he "absolutely" believes that a second independence referendum will happen in 2020.

"They can't stand in the way of the Scottish people". In 2016, the United Kingdom held a referendum on whether it would stay in the European Union, with the United Kingdom voting to leave.

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