Published: Sat, December 14, 2019
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What does the exit poll mean for Boris Johnson's Brexit deal?

What does the exit poll mean for Boris Johnson's Brexit deal?

Brexit represents the country's biggest political and economic gamble since World War Two, cutting the world's fifth largest economy adrift from the vast trading bloc and threatening the integrity of the United Kingdom.

The Conservatives campaigned under the slogan of "Get Brexit Done - Unleash Britain's Potential".

Well, regardless of the outcome, the biggest question is some three-and-a-half years after the referendum will any of the parties "Get Brexit Done?".

Almost half a century after Britain joined the EU, Johnson must now strike new worldwide trade deals, preserving London's position as a top global financial capital and keeping the United Kingdom together.

With Scotland forecast to have voted overwhelmingly for the Scottish National Party, one top Conservative moved to hose down talk of another independence referendum.

If the exit poll is correct, and Boris Johnson has secured a majority, then he will have the backing of MPs on the green benches behind him to take United Kingdom out of the European Union next month.

The UK's public broadcaster projects the ruling Conservative Party is set to win a majority in the general election.

Brexit, which has shattered old party loyalties and divided Britain along new fault lines, was the cause of the shift.

Jeremy Corbyn was coming under fierce criticism as Labour faced a crushing defeat in the 2019 General Election.

"It's Corbyn", said former Labour Cabinet minister Alan Johnson, when asked about the poor result.

Richard Watts, the Labour leader of Islington Council, put on a courageous face when approached by Yahoo News UK at the Sobell Leisure Centre in Holloway.

"We're going to hear the Corbynistas blame it on Brexit and the Labour Uber Remainers blaming Corbyn", she said.

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U.S. President Donald Trump was quick to congratulate Johnson. "We've got the opportunity to get Brexit done and get everything else that we promised as well".

"Tonight was the second referendum on Brexit and the people have spoken", he said. "With Johnson's victory Brexit has become inevitable". He wants to take the country out of the European Union by the end of January.

Britain's departure will start a new phase of negotiations on future relations between Britain and the 27 remaining European Union members.

Many voters regard him as a populist charlatan who played fast and loose with the facts and made unrealistic promises. The pound traded around 76 pence per euro before the June 2016 Brexit vote.

Results poured in early Friday showing a substantial shift in support to the Conservatives from Labour.

That's right. It seems the Conservative's predicted majority has slimmed greatly from 68 seats to 28 seats, but recent polls, and the bookmakers, have shown the Tories are still the likely winners, claiming the 320 seats needed to form a majority government.

The opposition Labour Party looks set for its worst result in decades, winning roughly 200 seats.

Labour's John McDonnell said on the BBC that he "thought it would be closer".

The party now faces a brutal battle between Corbyn's socialist followers and his centrist critics.

"There will be negotiations for a long period of time". "Jeremy Corbyn should resign now before his own count is in".

"It will be called Brexit but it won't really be", Farage said. The insurgent party poached a significant number of voters from Labour.

What would a UK Conservative majority government do?

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