Published: Sat, December 14, 2019
Markets | By Otis Pena

Tesla likely to make electric dirt bikes

Tesla likely to make electric dirt bikes

Tesla co-founder Elon Musk's mother, Maye Musk, posted a picture on Twitter of a young Elon repairing a broken window of a 1978 BMW vehicle.

Another person said that she loved the story of how Musk's mother had told them about her son's promise of buying her a new vehicle. "Yes, the 1978 320i I bought in 1993 for $ 1400".

Couldn't afford to pay for repairs, so I fixed nearly everything on that auto from parts in the junkyard. Hotrodded was stuck in a 5-speed transfer from a later model I found in Philly's garbage truck when the 4-speed gearbox failed, "he added". The billionaire CEO also revealed that how he didn't enough money to pay for repairs and he fixed it himself.

"Couldn't afford to pay for repairs, so I fixed nearly everything on that vehicle from parts in the junkyard", Elon Musk, now twice the age, commented under the old photo. "Ironically, that's me replacing broken side window glass", he acknowledged. "The circle is complete lol".

At least one injured during active shooter situation at Dart Container Corp
Conyers is a suburban area in Georgia located about 25 miles southeast of downtown Atlanta. "We thought something was on fire". Authorities also shut down a local gas station and told Dion Spencer, one of the station's employees, to stay inside.

New information about the facility uncovered by German publication Bild hints to the place being a mammoth undertaking.

Tesla Inc's $1.2 billion share and convertible debt offering on Friday demonstrates once again the unflagging ability by the luxury electric carmaker and its high-profile head, Elon Musk, to tap Wall Street for sorely needed cash. She posted a picture of her son, way back in the pre-Tesla days of 1995, fixing a broken auto window.

As can be seen above, Maye Musk seemed to rather innocently tweet, "and people said you knew nothing about cars". He noted that he was repairing the window because thieves had broken in and stolen the radio, "which was worth maybe $20". "It's pretty fun fixing/upgrading cars".

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