Published: Sat, December 14, 2019
Electronics | By Kelly Massey

New Orleans Suffers Ransomware Attack, Emergency Services Intact

New Orleans Suffers Ransomware Attack, Emergency Services Intact

The attack was discovered earlier today, at around 11:00 am, local time, a city spokesperson told ZDNet via phone call.

New Orleans Mayor LaToya Cantrell declared a state of emergency on Friday after the city was hit by a cyberattack that forced officials to shutdown all government computers. As a result of the city powering down its servers and employees powering down their computers, all websites are down, according to the city.

However, Cantrell says that no ransom has been demanded in the cyber attack and the city does not believe any employee's information was compromised during the phishing attempts.

Officials said emergency services and communications remain functional.

Besides city hall, the incident also affected the New Orleans Police Department, which shut down its IT network in entirety as well.

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Emergency services as well as police and fire departments were still up and running amid recent cyberattacks across Louisiana, according to the office of New Orleans Mayor LaToya Cantrell.

The state of Louisiana was hit by a ransomware attack in November, the most significant cyber-event the state had faced, and was able to bring its systems back online in about two weeks.

A second incident took place last month when a second ransomware attack encrypted data on the Louisiana state government's IT network.

State and federal agencies are assisting the city in its recovery and investigation of the attack.

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