Published: Sat, December 14, 2019
Global News | By Blake Casey

Hundreds of dead birds found in mystery mass death

Hundreds of dead birds found in mystery mass death

North Wales Police have been investigating the case and they find it very odd.

And like something out of a Hitchcock film mixed with Saw, one hour later they were inexplicably falling out of the sky in their droves with their guts hanging out.

Edwards said Hannah Stevens first saw the birds alive while she was on her way to an appointment on Tuesday afternoon.

Some 225 of the birds were discovered with blood on their bodies in a lane on Anglesey, North Wales Police said.

She called her partner, Dafydd Edwards, to tell him what had happened. They will be looking into the matter to see what truly happened.

He said: "There's easily more than 300 of them". I counted 150 last night but I gave up as there's just hundreds of them littered everywhere. He further added that the birds seemed as if they just dropped out of the sky.

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According to her, there must have been hundreds of them flying in the sky and the scene looked wonderful to her. "It's very unusual, I can't put my finger on it".

"We're just outside Bodedern here by Llyn Llywenan and as you can see on the road here there's approx 225 dead starling on the road itself and many others on the hedge along the side of the road but no starling apparent in the fields either side which is very unusual".

Police believe they know what killed hundreds of starlings and said a similar incident occurred at the same spot about 12 years ago.

According to reports, Edwards contacted the North Wales Crime Team alongside Animal and Plant Health Agency so that they could determine the cause of these birds death.

"We are keen to ensure the incident is investigated by the authorities, but for the time being it is important not to speculate on the cause".

They said: "We believe we may have the reason now but we are awaiting the toxicology and post mortem results before releasing it".

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