Published: Fri, December 13, 2019
Electronics | By Kelly Massey

Xbox Series X Revealed

Xbox Series X Revealed

We now know that the console is officially being called the Xbox Series X, and not only that; we've been given a clear look at the console, which takes on a tower-style form-factor.

In an nearly casual showing at the Game Awards, Microsoft revealed both what its next-gen console will look like, and what its going to be called. Like the current Xbox One S and the Xbox One X, we expect at least two variants with one potentially offering up even more performance and features than the base model.

Described as the fastest and most powerful Xbox ever made, Microsoft confirmed that all 15 XGS studios are now developing exclusive titles for the new platform - the first of which is Hellblade 2. As Phil Spencer, Head of Xbox, explains on the Xbox Wire, the Xbox Series X delivers four times the power of the Xbox One X, and despite the potentially misleading image, supports both vertical and horizontal orientation.

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While the full technical details of the console have not yet been revealed by Microsoft, the company has stated that the chip is being powered by a custom chip from AMD that is based on Zen 2 and RDNA architecture. It will also ship with a brand-new iteration on the Xbox controller, further evolving on the work done to create the now top-of-the-line Elite 2 Wireless model, which will include a dedicated "share" button for clips and screenshots. They highlighted the power capability of the Xbox Series X which "delivers four times the processing power of Xbox One X". Further, all of your existing Xbox One gaming accessories will work on the new system. "We see a future where you are instantly absorbed in your games...." Xbox have been working with over a dozen different developers to get the console primed for release, with more announcements expected soon.

Backwards compatibility is also something that Xbox is bearing in mind with the Xbox Series X, "With Xbox Series X we're also investing in consumer-friendly pathways to game ownership across generations".

It's understood that Microsoft still intends on releasing a second, cheaper, and less powerful console alongside the Series X.

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