Published: Fri, December 13, 2019
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Peloton actress Monica Ruiz gives interview on 'Today,' meets Ryan Reynolds

Peloton actress Monica Ruiz gives interview on 'Today,' meets Ryan Reynolds

The Peloton wife has spoken, and from now on, she'd like to be known as anything but the star of the ad that exploded the internet's collective brains. "And I'm starting to read some of it, and some of it was really negative, so I'm like, 'OK, I can't read any more.' So I stopped reading it, thinking it's going to blow over, but it didn't really blow over as quickly as I thought it would". "I'm OK. I'm not in a rehab for mental health anywhere". After the spot aired, the character was mocked for several reasons: Some noted she was already thin, others mocked her for having a "nervous" expression, and others were angry her husband gave her an exercise gift, as if she needed to lose weight.

"It was my face, that was the problem", she said. "I am grateful to both Peloton and now Aviation Gin for the work and giving me the opportunity to do what I love to do".

The commercial plays as a follow up to the Peloton ad and features Ruiz sipping Reynolds' gin to cope with the controversy. On the one hand, he understands that today's audience looks at things on their phones, but I would rather they did not.

Ruiz told "Today" host Hoda Kotb why she finally made a decision to speak out Thursday, three weeks after the much-criticized ad's debut. Peloton and its model of on-demand video cycling classes has come under fire after the release of a new commercial that has been criticized by some as sexist and classist.

The star of Peloton's controversial bike commercial isn't backpedaling her participation in the now-infamous ad. However, the company's stock price has tumbled amid the viral backlash.

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For her part, Ruiz shoulders the fallout with a smile and the same expressive eyes that caused millions to worry about the fictional Grace from Boston's well-being in the first place.

Ruiz also addressed her decision to appear in a backdoor "sequel" to the Peloton ad for Aviation Gin, Ryan Reynolds' liquor brand.

The Aviation commercial plays like a sort of sequel to Peloton's, in which a seemingly distraught Ruiz indirectly reprises her role as the "Peloton wife", downing drinks at the bar with her girlfriends, who tell her, "You look great, by the way!" "I said, 'Can we just send her a year's supply of gin.'".

Reynolds joined Ruiz at the tail end of the interview to explain where the ad came from. "We did this thing in 36 hours". We had this thought that we could do this ad without contributing to that divide, without really vilifying anybody - just sort of commenting on both the person and the actress in the ad all at once. However, a couple of weeks ago he touched some nerves when he insisted that his epic mafia should not be seen on mobile phones (although apparently he can forgive viewers using a large iPad). I like to do movies and TV, and I'm not actuality the Peloton lady, (so) let me work other jobs, ' she said. "This is so weird".

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