Published: Fri, December 13, 2019
Global News | By Blake Casey

Jeremy Corbyn ― leftist who led UK Labour to historic defeat

Jeremy Corbyn ― leftist who led UK Labour to historic defeat

The British prime minister has repeatedly denied this and Trump - who said on a previous visit that "everything is on the table" - insisted last week he had no interest in the NHS.

"Yes, we will recruit 50,000 more nurses and 6,000 more Global Positioning System and we will build 40 new hospitals across the country".

European Union chief negotiator Michel Barnier will direct trade negotiations, which the leaders will follow closely "and provide further guidance as necessary, fully consistent with the EU's best interest", the conclusions will add.

Others in the European Union bloc greeted the news of Mr Johnson's election win with reluctance.

"At this stage it does look as though this one-nation Conservative government has been given a powerful new mandate, to get Brexit done and not just to get Brexit done but to unite this country and to take it forward", Johnson said after winning his seat of Uxbridge.

"The bigger the Tory majority of course the less influence over this the ERG and Euroskeptics will have", said Brexit party leader Nigel Farage.

A large majority could give him the political security to extend the trade talks beyond 2020 because he could overrule the Brexit hardliner European Research Group (ERG) faction inside the party.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn announced he would stand down before the next election, without setting a date, after a period of "reflection".

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In a tweet sent as the polls closed, Mr Corbyn told activists: "You're the heart of our party, and you have campaigned tirelessly to win so we can a build a fairer country".

Despite Johnson insisting the NHS was "not for sale" and the USA president insisting that he would not be interested in access to the NHS if it was presented "on a silver platter", the Labour leader said he remained deeply sceptical of Trump's claims and vowed to tackle him personally over the issue.

He said: "This is not just a defeat for Jeremy Corbyn, this is defeat for the politics he represents".

Sterling soared, reaching a 19-month high versus the dollar of as much as $1.3516 GBP=D3, up 2.5% on the day, and its strongest levels against the euro EURGBP=D3 since shortly after the 2016 Brexit referendum.

The latest vote count results in Darlington showed that the Conservatives have snatched the seat from Labour, as the misery for Corbyn's party deepens.

The Brexit Party is the only party not projected to win a single seat in the election.

Scotland narrowly voted to remain part of the United Kingdom in a 2014 referendum but the SNP's success makes a second referendum more likely, although it is up to the prime minister to decide whether to hold one.

The Brexit Party, like its former incarnation UKIP, is not predicted to win any seats.

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