Published: Fri, December 13, 2019
Global News | By Blake Casey

Canadian opposition Conservative leader resigns

Canadian opposition Conservative leader resigns

His caucus agreed in an emergency meeting at the end of the day. He was absent from the House for voting that evening, including on Conservative amendments to the throne speech.

The party is "far too important for one individual", he said, acknowledging internal strife and growing calls for him to quit but vowing to remain until a new leader is picked in the coming months.

The party's executive director, Dustin van Vugt, said that Scheer and his family were presented with "a standard offer to cover costs associated with moving his family from Regina to Ottawa". Scheer's wife, Jill, was in the gallery watching.

Under party rules, the Conservative caucus gets to decide who would head the party ahead of a leadership race.

The party is different.' Would Jason Kenney come in? 'No. We're in a minority government position, so an election could be called soon. We're looking for someone who can unify the party and the country.

Scheer said he would ask the national council of the Conservative Party of Canada to begin a leadership contest.

Thomas said after sifting through the damage from the federal election and the lost opportunity in Central Canada, the party might see a new leader with MacKay's profile as a better fit.

In parliament, other party leaders delivered brief remarks thanking Scheer for his public service.

Social conservatives felt he wasn't strong enough on issues like abortion during the campaign, while Red Tories felt he didn't go far enough to distance himself from those issues.

Scheer announced Thursday he would be stepping down as leader of the Conservative Party. This is not a decision that I came to lightly. "People need to take their time in calculating if they can actually do this", said Kusie.

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However, he was not satisfied with the responses that he received from them. "This was a last resort", he told NBC News. But there is mounting evidence that people tried to raise concerns about the jet before the two fatal flights.

"We are in this house, not in spite of having kids, but because we have kids, and are dedicated to building a better world for them with everything we have. I respect that deeply of him and to thank him for that focus on a better future for his kids". Originally elected as an MP for Nova Scotia in the late '90s, MacKay has had a long, illustrious career which includes time spent as a cabinet minister under Stephen Harper and deputy leader of the Conservative Party.

"I want to acknowledge the hard work that the Leader of the Opposition has put in during all of his roles and the years of service that he has provided. We needed to fix something and the way we talk to Canadians could have been different, but I think we could have won", Zimmer said.

"I thought, 'wow, this is really happening, ' " said Kusie.

Scheer said he would stand behind whoever wins.

"Let's stay united", he said. "I could not resist saying that".

Even as Scheer was going out the door, anonymous Conservatives couldn't resist one last plunge of the dagger.

The leader of Canada's Conservatives has resigned, following mounting frustration over a disappointing performance in October's general election and reports that he used party funds to help pay for his children's private school education. "Relief because we won't all be sitting on pins and needles until April wondering what will happen", she said about the mandatory leadership review that was looming next year.

But the way #ScheerMustGo co-founder Koch describes it, the information was floating around Conservative ranks for some time and was allegedly given to former Conservative MP and minister John Baird, who is now conducting an internal review of the losing campaign.

"He's worked incredibly hard", McLeod said.

The Liberals never turned on Trudeau despite the fact his ill-advised political and personal history nearly cost them the government, reducing the Liberals to a minority from a majority, while losing both seats and the popular vote to the Conservatives.

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