Published: Thu, December 12, 2019
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Top Places Searched on Google in 2019

Top Places Searched on Google in 2019

The world needs a hero.

The obvious place to look is on the big screen, where Marvel's Avengers: Endgame grossed almost $2.8 billion globally, broke numerous box office records, and became the most-queried film of the year.

Several Bollywood movies like Kabir Singh and Gully Boy are also included in the Google top trends of the year list at the fifth and tenth spot respectively.

"Naira Marley", leads the list as the most searched person over "Atiku' (Abubakar), Presidential candidate of the People's Democratic Party at the 2019 Nigerian general election".

It was Disney, though, that really captured the 2019 zeitgeist. India vs South Africa was apparently the top-search this year, peaking in the middle of October because of the recent cricket series between the two countries, while Copa America, the continental football championship for Latin America, was the most-searched-for news event in 2019.

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This week, Mr Farage said the Brexit Party will be renamed the Reform Party if Britain leaves the European Union in January. At the start of the general election campaign, Brexit Party candidates were set to stand in almost 600 seats.

Overall, the most searched term was Disney Plus - whose popular character Baby Yoda became an internet darling - followed by the late Disney Channel actor Cameron Boyce and the Grammy-nominated rapper Nipsey Hussle, who was killed in a shooting in March.

Other top terms include Hurricane Dorian, Game of Thrones, the iPhone 11, and the Notre Dame Cathedral.

Directly reflecting the concerns of the year, Aussies were dying to know what Area 51 actually is, but also asked "what is Brexit", "what is vaping", "what is keto diet", and "what is a boomer".

According to Google 2019 Year in Search report, netizens in India searched for a variety of topics, seeking information on Article 370, exit poll, black hole and "Howdy Modi" event.

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