Published: Thu, December 12, 2019
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Jerry Nadler is Taking Impeachment So Seriously He Just Fell Asleep...Again!

Jerry Nadler is Taking Impeachment So Seriously He Just Fell Asleep...Again!

On Thursday, House Judiciary Committee members continued their debate on articles of impeachment, which have been filed by Democrats against President Trump on accusations of obstructing Congress and abuse of power.

"If our elections are corrupt, everything is corrupt", Nadler said, defending his party against Republican criticism that Democrats are rushing the impeachment process.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said on Wednesday that if the House votes to impeach the president, a trial in the Republican-led chamber would be senators' "first order of business".

Mr Trump and Republicans have tried to use the issue as a way to attack Democratic presidential candidates and those vulnerable House members.

Trump has denied wrongdoing and condemned the impeachment inquiry as a hoax.

"Every impeachment, except for this one, has been conducted by outside counsel", said Graham.

"The president was the first and best witness in this case".

"The president did not commit any crimes", he said. "The president is the smoking gun".

Republicans disputed the Democrats arguments and said the impeachment drive was a partisan campaign to hurt Trump ahead of 2020.

"The president committed the highest crime against the constitution by abusing his office", Democratic congressman Eric Swalwell said. "I'm a black man representing Georgia, born when Jim Crow was alive and well".

"We've been on this path since November 2016", Collins said. "They don't like the president's supporters, and they dislike us so much they're willing to weaponise the government".

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The committee is expected to approve the charges sometime on Thursday.

Public support for impeachment has largely fallen along party lines, with the vast majority of Democrats supporting it and most Republicans opposing it. Trump's approval rating, according to opinion polls, has largely remained consistent throughout the inquiry.

On Wednesday, the president and senior Republicans appeared to be coalescing around the idea of a shorter proceeding in that chamber. If one or more of the articles are adopted, the Senate would then hold a trial to consider removing Trump.

But it was not yet clear whether Trump was ready to abandon his demand for witnesses, such as Biden, which would trigger demands from Democrats for high-profile Trump administration witnesses.

'Now I think we can all agree that no president should abuse the powers of his or her office.

The president's son said: "She doesn't want to play the game, but you've got these radical leftists on the other side that are forcing her to". Stop thinking about running for re-election.

Trump pressured Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskyy to go along with the scheme by withholding a White House meeting for the newly elected Ukraine president and freezing $391 million in military aid, Democrats said.

The articles of impeachment unveiled on Tuesday do not draw on other, more contentious aspects of Trump's tenure, such as his efforts to impede former Special Counsel Robert Mueller's Russian Federation probe. Democratic lawmakers from more conservative districts had argued the focus should stay on Ukraine.

Once the committee approves the articles, the full House with its Democratic majority is expected to vote on them next week.

Democratic leaders have not yet revealed when the floor vote for the House will be held, but lawmakers have signaled that they expect it to happen by the end of next week, ahead of their holiday break.

McConnell warned Republicans on Wednesday that calling witnesses could backfire politically, resulting in a longer-than-necessary and potentially more damaging trial.

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