Published: Thu, December 12, 2019
Global News | By Blake Casey

General election 2019: Farage promises Reform Party after Brexit

General election 2019: Farage promises Reform Party after Brexit

As the campaign kicked off in the first week of November, the Brexit Party, fresh from a stonking victory at the European Parliament elections in May, enjoyed highs of 13% in the polls.

"Whilst we are disappointed that four of our MEPs do not appear to understand we saved the Conservative party from large scale declines to the Liberal Democrats from the South and South West of England but we're also beating the Labour Leave vote from its traditional heartlands making it a lot easier for the Conservatives to win a lot of these seats", Farage said.

And he warned of "years of indigestion" unless there were major changes to the PM's "oven-ready" Brexit deal.

Leader Mr Farage floated the idea of a "non-aggression pact" with the Conservatives and threatened to stand candidates in every seat if the governing party refused, giving rise to fears he could deny Boris Johnson an overall majority.

This week, Mr Farage said the Brexit Party will be renamed the Reform Party if Britain leaves the European Union in January.

A number of Brexit Party candidates in target Tory seats have said they have stopped campaigning in the final 48 hours before Thursday's election and urged people to vote for their opponents.

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At the start of the general election campaign, Brexit Party candidates were set to stand in almost 600 seats.

Mr Farage suggested his candidate in Lincoln, Reece Wilkes, may have been effectively coerced into backing the Conservatives, saying he could "only imagine the pressure that individuals would have come under".

However, after coming under pressure not to split the Leave vote, it later pulled back from the 317 seats won by the Tories in 2017.

Meanwhile, Mr Farage said today that he is hoping for snow or heavy rain on polling day tomorrow in order to boost his party's chances of winning seats.

MEP Mr Farage also attacked the Tories' record on immigration, claiming: "Boris Johnson has always been very soft on the immigration issue, but you know what, there's an election on so tell people what they want to hear". "Brexit is about us reasserting our place in the world", Farage said. "It does not matter if there aren't too many of them". "I want real genuine, radical political reform", explained Farage. We believe our voice is important - both in representing the pro-EU perspective and also to help rebalance the right wing extremes of much of the United Kingdom national press.

The decision to stand down in nearly half the available seats allowed Mr Farage to hone his campaign in on Labour Leave voting areas.

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