Published: Wed, December 11, 2019
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Wonder Woman 1984 Trailer Released

Wonder Woman 1984 Trailer Released

Even if he survived the first film, by 1984 all of their friends have already passed away, save for eternally-young Diana, of course. She'll be played by former Saturday Night Live cast member Kristen Wiig.

While it's highly unlikely that Kingdom Come will influence Wonder Woman "84, the decision to take visual cues from the comic will come as a pleasant surprise to fans".

For what it's worth, it's great thing that the Golden Eagle armor looks as incredible as it does in Wonder Woman 1984, because apparently it's wasn't exactly an extreme joy for Gal Gadot to wear the outfit on set. We're not sure the exact details of how Steve managed to survive and reunite with Diana (especially considering there's over a 60+ year time jump since we last saw him, and you know, he kinda sacrificed himself in battle), but we're sure we'll get those soon.

Wonder Woman: 1984 skips from the World War I setting of the first movie all the way to 1980s America, Washington be specific.

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We're then hit with a glorious, fast-paced montage of Reagan-era delights, including a busy shopping mall, people wearing Day-Glo sweatsuits, so much teased hair, and a menacing infomercial king (co-villain Max Ford, played by Game of Thrones' Pedro Pascal) welcoming us into "the future". But Maxwell says in a sinister way that he also takes something in return. Now, this may have something to do with her being the daughter of Zeus.

We know Robin Wright's Antiope will appear in Wonder Woman 1984. But the question is, why have not yet seen her using this ability in films like Batman v Superman and Justice League?

She is an archaeologist, so it may be that, due to her jealousy of Diana, she finds a way to bring back Steve to taunt her foe, before being tempted by Maxwell Lord herself.

Another key to the story could also be Barbara, who will also become Cheetah, Wonder Woman's arch nemesis in the comics. This is likely to give her the centre-stage in the second trailer. And it is both everything we've been waiting for and more than we imagined.

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