Published: Wed, December 11, 2019
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UK: Johnson criticized over hospital patient on floor

UK: Johnson criticized over hospital patient on floor

Later, in a question and answer session Mr Johnson was twice asked about the phone incident, and on both occasions refused to directly comment instead choosing to talk about Tory plans to invest in the NHS. "We need a Labour government to save our NHS", he said. Desperately anxious about her son's health, Jack's mother gave him a coat and blanket to ease his comfort.

However, if you no longer trust your Yorkshire Post - and I will be frustrated and disappointed if these people had wrecked your confidence in this historic champion for the county - contact the hospital directly.

In her letter, she said the actions of the media were "causing significant distress" to Jack and his family.

A recent story featuring the mother of a young boy who had a traumatic experience at Leeds General Infirmary has been the subject of a number of complaints to our newsroom.


His mother told the paper that her son was left in a clinical treatment room for more than four hours because of a shortage of beds.

"But I'm angry at the lack of funding and the lack of beds because I think that is failing our children". "This falls below our usual high standards, and for this we would like to sincerely apologise to Jack and his family".

At the end of the interview, Mr Johnson said: "I'm sorry to have taken your phone".

Boris Johnson was so keen to avoid looking at a photo of four-year-old Jack Williment, he accidentally pocketed a reporter's phone. "The prime minister grabbed my phone and put it in his pocket", Pike tweeted.

An ITV television reporter attempted to show Mr Johnson the picture - of a boy next to an oxygen mask - but Mr Johnson refused to look down at it and put the phone in his pocket. "What's your response to that?"

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Johnson then removed the phone from his pocket and looked at the screen.

When challenged, Johnson took the phone out, looked at it and said: "It is a awful, bad photo, and I apologise obviously to the family and all those who have awful experiences in the NHS, but what we are doing is supporting the NHS. But what we are doing is supporting the NHS and on the whole patients in the NHS have a much better experience than this kid has had". "Voting Conservative this Thursday will not help our NHS".

An assistant professor of Middle East studies at Hamad Bin Khalifa University in Qatar, Marc Owen Jones, who runs a website on disinformation, also pointed to the fact the hospital's chief medical officer apologised.

Shadow well being secretary Jonathan Ashworth stated: 'Refusing to even take a look at a picture of a toddler struggling as a result of of Conservative cuts to the NHS is a brand new low for Boris Johnson.

"If the Tories win on Thursday, patients including children will suffer five more years of this".

Liberal Democrat leader Jo Swinson also said Mr Johnson would not look at the photo because "he simply does not care".

"He doesn't care about Jack".

Jeremy Corbyn defended himself from accusations that he was using the NHS as a political football today as the row over care continued to spark fury.

A user wrote on social media, "This shocking lack of empathy shows why Johnson is not fit be prime minister".

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